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In the early years, under the influence of huge market demand, the aluminum door production lines in various production areas increased again and again, and the antique aluminum doors continued to erode the market share, and the professional competition became more and more intense. However, in the past two years, although the competition situation in shopping malls has not improved, the demand of low-end shopping malls has been gradually reduced, and high-end customized aluminum doors have become popular. At present, the technical equipment, production capacity, category standards, pattern design and product quality are all very mature. Is the aluminum door profession really entering the era of "small profits"

as a traditional profession with zero threshold, zero barrier, zero monopoly and complete marketization, the market sales of aluminum door products are now very flat, and some enterprises even show the phenomenon of imbalance between production and sales. As long as the sales volume is between 60-80% of the output value, it can be seen that the method of small profits and quick turnover is still not desirable

although the profit margin of traditional aluminum doors has declined, some aluminum door enterprises are still profitable. With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level, the consumer demand is also rising. In recent years, environmental friendly customized products emerge in endlessly, and occupy a certain market share, which is loved by most people, and enterprises have also achieved good results

in the context of consumption promotion, consumers pay more and more attention to brand strength. Aluminum door enterprises must invest in publicity costs to improve their brand awareness and market share. At the same time, due to the high-end and refinement of customization requirements, aluminum door enterprises need to cultivate designers with common styles in order to better serve consumers

Xiaobian believes that "small profit" does not mean "no profit", so aluminum door merchants need not worry too much. In Xiaobian's view, no matter whether the aluminum door industry has entered the era of "small profits", it is the most important to do a good job, adhere to the original intention of production, and promote a good brand





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