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This 69 square meter small home is mainly gray, without luxurious decoration. It fills the whole room with warm and plain happiness, so that people can really experience the warmth of home. Enjoy the following group of small house decoration design renderings, and I believe that the artistic style of Meijia will bring you a different experience

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Community: Optics Valley New World (more decoration renderings of Optics Valley New World) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: artistic style decoration method: half package decoration cost: 50000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

the gray background wall establishes a stable style of the home. In addition to simple and artistic decoration, the wall also creates a white storage rack, which is beautiful and practical, It is used to place books properly, which not only enriches the color of the space, but also solves the storage problem of this small family home. In the effect picture, the solid wood three seat sofa with blue cushion not only presents natural beauty, but also has a modern sense. Simple decoration design forms a unique space beauty

the decoration design of the restaurant is quite artistic. The gray background wall is decorated with orange cloth art, which not only forms a sharp color contrast to enhance the decorative effect, but also is creative and unique. At the same time, the blue leather dining chair is matched with the Black Retro solid wood dining table, which shows the owner's unique aesthetic taste. And the chandelier hanging on the ceiling is also simple and unique, which has become another highlight of this small house decoration design effect drawing

white cabinets are installed in upper and lower parts, which can better save usable space for small house decoration. Simple partitions are also added between the upper cabinets, where plates and glasses can be placed, which is both practical and improves safety, adding convenience to the kitchen. Because the large area of white is practical, the owner chose the operation board of deep solid wood color and the background wall design of colored wall tiles, breaking through the monotony of white, so that we can maintain a relaxed cooking mood in such an environment. Objects can be hidden in the position above the cabinet, and the storage function of the small kitchen is also increased invisibly

the bedroom in the picture is low-key and elegant as a whole. The gray background wall is hung with black-and-white sketch figure paintings, matched with black solid wood double beds, bright red fabric decorations falling from the ceiling, cylindrical lamps placed on the head and back of the bed, and colorful woven blankets. The unique decoration highlights the owner's extraordinary aesthetics, and the thick literary atmosphere pervades the space, bringing people a different feeling

[introduction to Optics Valley new world community] Optics Valley New World project is located in the central urban area of Optics Valley, facing Optics Valley Biotechnology Park in the East, Optics Valley financial center in the south, Guanshan Avenue, the main road of Optics Valley in the west, and Huazhong University of science and technology in the north. The planned land area of the project is more than 200 mu, and various functions such as residence, office, business, shopping, culture and entertainment, recreation, etc. are combined, interact and interact to form a value chain. This highly intensive block building group will become a landmark building in Optics Valley New Area

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