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Some operation details are often the focus of our attention, which is also true for the project of bridge bearing replacement. Due to the importance of bridge bearing replacement in pedestrian driving, relevant professional departments have also improved it, that is, bridge bearing replacement, regular maintenance and regular installation. At present, all constructors must pay attention to this scheme, It can also effectively ensure the good performance of bridge bearing replacement during construction

pay attention to the details of bridge bearing replacement in the construction process, which is a major task that needs to be paid attention to, so as to effectively improve the good display of bridge bearing replacement during construction, so as to effectively improve the so-called safety

different bridge structures use different types of bridge bearings. In the maintenance and repair of old and dangerous bridges, the replacement of old bridge bearings is also a relatively common problem. If you want to replace bridge bearings, you should pay attention to the following issues:

1) when the superstructure is a spatial structure, the bearings should be able to adapt to the deformation of the bridge along the bridge direction (x direction) and across the bridge direction (Y direction) at the same time

2) the bearing must be able to reliably transmit vertical and horizontal reaction forces

3) the support shall make the longitudinal displacement, transverse displacement and longitudinal and constant rotation angles caused by the deformation of the beam as unconstrained as possible

4) railway bridges usually have to set a fixed bearing on each coupling beam

5) when the bridge is on the ramp, the fixed bearing should generally be set on the abutment in the downhill direction

6) when the bridge is on a flat slope, the fixed support should be set on the front abutment in the main driving direction

7) the fixed bearing should be set at the place with large bearing reaction

8) several bearings on the same pier should have similar rotational stiffness

9) when the bearing settlement of continuous beam may occur, the possibility of height adjustment should be considered

in a word, the layout principle of bridge bearings is to facilitate the transmission of bearing reaction and make the bearings fully adapt to the free deformation of the beam body

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