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Recently, I read the news that the fire in a foot bath shop in Zhejiang killed 18 people and injured 18 people, probably because of the explosion of floor heating. The online discussion is very hot. Everyone is worried about the uneven quality of the floor heating industry. First of all, you must choose brand goods to choose floor heating, and you can't choose non brand floor heating of assembly type

first of all, you need to understand that floor heating is a household comfort system, which is divided into four parts: 1 Heat source (boiler, heat pump, etc.) 2 Transmission and distribution (main pipe, diversity collector, etc.) 3 End (coil, insulation board, auxiliary materials, etc.) 4 Control system (water collector, temperature control equipment, valves, etc.)

main materials and equipment of floor heating: wall mounted furnace, main heating pipe, water collector, floor heating pipe, temperature controller, etc. Large family houses are also equipped with heating circulating water pumps (for pressurization), thermostatic water mixing valves (energy saving and good comfort), etc. These equipment are the main components of floor heating and also the main consumables of floor heating, especially wall mounted furnaces and floor heating pipes, which basically account for the vast majority of the cost of floor heating. Each part has its own manufacturer. Here are some brands known by individuals for reference

wall mounted furnaces are generally divided into domestic, German and Italian ones. The brands are: wina, Bosch, Fisman, Ariston, AO Smith, sidre, IMA, Beretta, Baxi, Linnei, little squirrel, Wanjiale, Wanhe, etc. Note: the imported brand does not mean that the product is also imported. It may be the import of some raw materials, domestic assembly, or simply OEM

the brands of temperature controllers are: carlife, Danfoss, Honeywell, Siemens, Omron, nexen, manreid, Mingshi, Hailin, wanjianuan, etc. Now there are also Internet temperature control, which controls the room temperature through mobile app. Brand made in China

the brands of water divers are: Danfoss, garcomini, carlife, obono, owentop, Sunwell, Edison, manreid, IVA, Knauf, Ruihao, etc. In fact, many foreign brands find products exported by Chinese manufacturers (such as the head office of camel floor heating) to be labeled abroad and sold to the Chinese... Why is this necessary? The Chinese work hard, but most of the money is earned by foreigners

these brands mentioned above may be very good. But on the one hand, you may buy fake goods. On the other hand, even if you buy genuine products that are imported with original packaging, it is futile for other links not to match it. Even the assembly of different brands will bring hidden dangers to the after-sales mutual prevarication

floor heating system is a relatively complex project. Any problem with the main material equipment or auxiliary materials will affect the actual use effect of floor heating. This is also why some floor heating companies that use (or claim to use) big brand boilers, pumps and other single products, install floor heating but all kinds of acclimatization

wina, Fisman and Bosch are all brands we often hear of, but they only produce single products. It is useless if other components of the system are mismatched or there is no strong floor heating installation team

when installing floor heating, don't just look at the single brand, but recognize the brand of system floor heating

in this regard, domestic camel floor heating is well done, and the manufacturer is responsible for the whole process from heat source, control, terminal, transmission and distribution system, from measurement and commissioning to design, installation and acceptance, and later maintenance. Do not publicize the advantages of single products, because there is no short board in the whole system, which is an advantage!!! The 70 year ground part warranty is also unique in the industry





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