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The massive consumption of energy makes the existence of energy-saving doors and windows very important, so what are the benefits of energy-saving doors and windows, and what are the selection methods? Now let's have a look with Meishun doors and windows

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China is a big energy consumer. In order to reduce energy consumption, the country has carried out many energy-saving reforms. Among the total energy consumption of building envelope, the energy consumption of building doors and windows accounts for 49% of its energy consumption. The massive consumption of energy makes the existence of energy-saving doors and windows very important, so what are the benefits of energy-saving doors and windows, and what are the selection methods? Now let's have a look with Meishun doors and windows

real energy-saving system

the so-called real energy-saving system doors and windows are not a single use of heat insulation bridge breaking aluminum profiles or Low-E insulating glass energy-saving materials. It is a perfect combination of systems. The comprehensive results of the performance of all links are indispensable. Three factors should be considered to measure whether building doors and windows are energy-saving, namely, heat convection Heat conduction and heat radiation:

heat loss is the circulation of hot and cold air through the gap between doors and windows, and heat exchange through gas convection, resulting in heat loss

heat transfer guideline refers to the heat transfer carried out by the molecular movement of the material used for doors and windows, which is transferred from one side of the material to another, resulting in heat loss

radiation is mainly transmitted directly in the form of rays, resulting in the loss of energy consumption

selection method of energy-saving doors and windows

1. Design and selection of profiles

first of all, different profiles have different properties, mainly because the different thermal conductivity determines the energy consumption of doors and windows. When you choose a material, the design of profile section is very important

the heat insulation strips on the frame and fan materials are not on the same side (outdoor or indoor), so that after the hardware fittings are installed, the indoor and outdoor profiles are connected together by bypassing the heat insulation strips through the metal hardware fittings, so that the heat can be transmitted quickly, affecting the energy-saving performance of doors and windows, etc

2. Choice of glass

we know that the loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction and radiation. And glass is mainly heat radiation loss energy, so when we choose building door and window glass, we have to choose glass reasonably to ensure the energy saving of the whole building

take the southern region as an example. The southern region is hot in summer and warm in winter, and the high temperature cycle is long. In terms of glass selection, we should not choose transparent glass with good daylighting as in severe cold regions, but should choose low thermal reflection, such as heat reflection coated insulating glass and Low-E insulating glass. In response to the needs of different buildings around the country, glass with corresponding heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient shall be selected

3. Selection of accessories

"hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows, not supporting roles." No matter how developed a person's limbs and good-looking appearance are, if his heart is not good, he is a useless person? The same is true of doors and windows. Hardware accessories play a significant role in energy-saving doors and windows, which is not only closely related to the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also plays a very important role in safety and other performance

4. Correct assembly

the first few points are the requirements of several groups of components of doors and windows. Reasonable selection of components is very important, and the correct combination of various components into a system is the perfect energy-saving doors and windows, so it is also crucial to have a strong and experienced door and window assembly factory

benefits of energy-saving doors and windows

1. Sound insulation and noise reduction

health is far from formaldehyde. Household dust and noise are often important and invisible health killers. Heavy dust leads to more bacteria; What about comfort when there is a lot of noise? Are your Windows sound proof? Do you know the harm of noise only when there are children and old people living at home

to solve the problem of noise, research and consider the scheme or quality of doors and windows to ensure that each door and window can play its sound insulation skills

2. Thermal insulation

we spend nearly twice as much every year to pay for our own energy-saving doors and windows! When you enjoy the comfort brought by air conditioning or floor heating in the house, closing the doors and windows can only solve the problem of heat convection, but it can't block the conduction of heat

a large amount of energy in the house is lost to the outside through your doors and windows, which not only wastes energy consumption, but also increases your energy expenditure. If your doors and windows are more energy-efficient, the situation will be different

3. Windproof and waterproof

extreme weather is not common in life. For the windproof and waterproof function of doors and windows, most people ignore it when buying doors and windows. Windproof mainly depends on the profiles of doors and windows. Doors and windows made of manganese magnesium aluminum alloy are strong and can protect your home from the wind and rain in the face of heavy rain and strong winds

good water tightness allows doors and windows to effectively block the entry of outdoor rainwater in the face of rainstorm, so as to keep the interior dry

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