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The storm of rising door prices continues, but we still want to appeal: a healthy home life is everyone's aspiration. At the same time, we should also guard against the harm that other inferior commodities in the market bring to consumers' lives

the price rise of the door continues, but we still need to call for: a healthy home life is everyone's aspiration. At the same time, we should also be wary of the harm that other low-quality goods in the market bring to consumers' lives. Low quality wooden doors bring double harm to people physically and mentally

through the detailed comparison of the purchase price, use cost, product quality, use feeling and other aspects of high-quality and low-quality wood doors, the results are shown in the following figure:

low quality wood doors often have the following phenomena:

1 Not wear-resistant

poor quality wooden doors will be worn when they are used for oneortwo years. Some wooden doors are not smooth and delicate enough to have wear

2. Easy leg color or color difference

poor quality wood doors are easy to fade or produce color difference after a long time of sunlight, which are difficult to be found in a short time

3. Cracking and mildew

with the passage of time, the moisture content of the wooden door changes continuously, especially in autumn, there are often some cracks on the door surface. In summer, the wooden door will be moldy. Unprofessional installation is also prone to problems such as the wooden door cannot be closed tightly and not beautiful enough, while increasing the loss of the wooden door

4. Formaldehyde seriously exceeds the standard

according to the announcement of the World Health Organization, formaldehyde produced by indoor decoration pollution is identified as a carcinogen. Cheap wood doors use density board spacers, which are cheap and have high material utilization rate. Therefore, it is more likely to contain formaldehyde that exceeds the standard. Formaldehyde can be continuously released for 3 to 15 years

it is mainly manifested in the pungent smell of the plate, and long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde will cause chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual disorders in women, pregnancy syndrome, decreased physique of newborns, chromosomal abnormalities and even nasopharyngeal carcinoma

conclusion: don't buy inferior wooden doors, which will affect family harmony




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