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The 2012 Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation and satellite navigation and vehicle safety management exhibition opened yesterday. As one of the important activities of the exhibition, the 9th China (International) urban intelligent transportation forum was held on the same day. More than 400 domestic and foreign experts, scholars, leaders of urban traffic management departments, scientific research institutions and enterprise representatives jointly discussed the arrival of the IOT era, and felt the pulse of hot issues such as the current changes to the future intelligent transportation and how to improve the efficiency of urban management

Huang Min, director of Shenzhen Transportation Committee, pointed out in his speech that with the continuous rise of car ownership, the traffic pressure in the city will also increase. At present, the number of automobiles in Shenzhen has reached 2.3 million, ranking second only to Beijing and second in China. The total length of roads in Shenzhen is more than 6100 kilometers. The density of road vehicles in Shenzhen has exceeded 300 vehicles per kilometer, ranking first in China and exceeding the international warning value of 270 vehicles per kilometer

Huang Min introduced that how to effectively solve a series of problems such as urban traffic pressure and environmental pollution has been put on the table. Since the end of last century, Shenzhen has begun to explore the construction of intelligent transportation, and has made some achievements, but also encountered some problems. On the basis of summing up the experience and lessons, with the continuous development of the aerogel gel industry, the Department has made clear the three oriented development ideas for the new round of intelligent transportation construction, and built the intelligent transportation system with systematic thinking, that is, building the intelligent transportation system framework with demand as the guide, designing the intelligent transportation system with standards as the guide, and promoting the intelligent transportation construction with planning as the guide

the white paper on urban transportation in Shenzhen released on May 24 pointed out that the goal of transportation development in Shenzhen is to build a global logistics hub city, build an international bus city, and build an international, modern and integrated comprehensive transportation system. Relying on the convenience of urban traffic information operation brought about by the rapid development of intelligent transportation, citizens can accurately master the whole traffic in Shenzhen in the future through networking, and radio interaction. 1 The experimental device includes heating furnace, test object rack, air flow hood, thermocouple, voltage stabilizer, voltage regulator, control instrument and temperature recorder, so as to reasonably select the travel mode and find the optimal travel path

it is understood that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Shenzhen will invest 1.6 billion to develop its, including 200million scientific research funds and 1.4 billion construction funds, which can be said to be an upgrade investment of leverage. In the next five years, Shenzhen will complete eight key tasks, including the construction of the new generation its 1 + 6 project. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the overall construction and service level of Shenzhen's intelligent transportation system will not only meet the development needs of the industry, but also reach the forefront of its application in the country

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