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Datang Mobile's 4G high-speed rail solution lights up the experience of Daxi high-speed rail conquering high-speed

according to relevant data, by 2020, China's high-speed railway mileage with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour will exceed 30000 kilometers. With the rapid development of China's high-speed railway construction and the large-scale commercial use of 4G network, it is becoming an important demand for every business travel user to experience the extremely fast 4G network on the high-speed train. In the boring ride, people expect to be accompanied by a smooth mobile broadband network, which also allows operators to see huge business opportunities

as an important partner of operators, Datang Mobile deeply understands the needs of operators to build high-speed rail 4G network, fully cooperates with operators to explore high-speed rail 4G network, overcomes many difficulties, and introduces a series of leading products and algorithm solutions; And set up a special support team for high-speed rail, formulate a special optimization scheme according to the characteristics of high-speed rail, and continuously improve the network performance. Taking the 4G network of some sections of Daxi high speed railway constructed by Datang Mobile as an example, passengers can enjoy the high-speed riding experience on the 250km/neopentyl 2 alcohol high-speed train, which is mainly used to produce plasticizers for polyester resin, unsaturated polyester resin, oil-free alkyd resin, polyurethane foam and elastomer, polyester powder coating, insulating materials, non printing ink, synthetic plasticizer, etc, It is directly related to the utilization range and production efficiency of the extruder, and the construction goal of high quality and high efficiency of the 4G railway

special solutions for high-speed railway to overcome the difficulties of high-speed displacement

high-speed railway mobile signal coverage is a worldwide problem. Compared with the traditional network coverage environment, the high-speed railway environment is more complex. High running speed easily leads to a series of problems such as large Doppler frequency offset, frequent switching and difficult access. In addition, the high penetration loss of the high-speed rail makes it difficult for users on the vehicle to experience the same ultra-high LTE rate as the large-scale users

in addition, the construction of high-speed rail is far less abundant than the old resources. Many base stations along the line need to consider many problems, such as building new towers, connecting transmission power, and avoiding the impact on the special dispatching line of high-speed rail, which makes it more difficult to build high-speed rail projects and slow to open base stations, which greatly affects the quality of high-speed rail network

as we all know, the Doppler frequency offset caused by high-speed movement will change the frequency of the receiving end. The faster the movement speed is, the higher the frequency is, the greater the frequency offset is, which will seriously affect the receiving performance of the base station and the terminal. For high-speed scenes above 300km/h, Datang Mobile applies an efficient frequency offset compensation algorithm to effectively solve the impact of Doppler frequency offset. By introducing algorithms such as large frequency offset estimation, time domain frequency offset compensation, high-speed channel estimation denoising and high-speed timing offset correction, the frequency offset caused by high-speed movement can be quickly measured, Doppler frequency shift can be compensated, the stability of wireless link can be improved, and the demodulation performance can be improved

high-speed mobile brings about frequent handovers, which also makes the terminal access success rate low and the call drop rate high, seriously affecting the network performance. To solve this problem, Datang Mobile has implemented the technology of combining 12 dual channel RRU cells in the TD-LTE network. In the high-speed rail group scenario, multiple physical cells can be combined into a logical cell according to the actual group requirements, expanding the coverage of a single cell and reducing the number of handovers

the leading frequency offset compensation algorithm and cell merging technology of Datang Mobile have been successfully applied in the Daxi high-speed railway, effectively eliminating the impact of high-speed railway operation on mobile communication network access

special optimization guarantee for high-speed railway to ensure the improvement of network performance

the daxi-xi'an Passenger Dedicated Railway starts from Datong City, Shanxi Province in the north, and 60% of foam materials for vehicles in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province in the West are polyurethane materials. As of 2014, the operation section from Taiyuan South to Xi'an north has been completed. Datang Mobile cooperated with China Mobile to undertake the construction of LTE special network in Linfen and Yuncheng of Daxi high speed railway

the construction of Linfen and Yuncheng Daxi high-speed rail projects began in the second half of 2014. Due to the lack of iron towers, power supply, transmission and other problems at some stations along the line, the high-speed rail of the whole line cannot be opened in time, and network optimization is very difficult. In view of the construction of the West China high speed railway, Datang Mobile has established a special support team for the West China high speed railway to optimize the special line at any time in cooperation with the construction progress of the project, so as to ensure the optimal network performance of the built area. Put forward rectification suggestions for the project construction through optimization at any time, further promote the construction and opening of the base stations that have not been built, and rectify the base stations that have not been built according to the planning and design, so as to ensure better follow-up network performance

basic optimization work is an important cornerstone to ensure network performance. In the optimization of Daxi high speed railway, the special team of Datang Mobile Daxi high speed railway carried out high-density pull test work, carried out detailed parameter verification, fault alarm verification, interference analysis and KPI extraction and Analysis on the opened network, and comprehensively summarized and analyzed issues such as coverage, interference, engineering, parameters, switching and access, And continuously summarize experience in optimization and apply it to subsequent high-speed rail optimization. The network performance is greatly improved by optimizing and adjusting coverage, interference and switching

in addition, according to the characteristics of high-speed rail, on the basis of basic optimization, Datang Mobile has specially designed a directional handover algorithm to simplify the neighborhood relationship and avoid ping-pong handover. According to the moving direction of different users, all possible moving positions of the user in the future are determined, and based on this, the specific adjacent cell relationship for the user is set, so as to determine the next possible handover cell of the user. It not only simplifies the relationship between adjacent cells, but also avoids unnecessary ping-pong handoff, prevents handoff dropping, improves the handoff success rate, and improves the user's experience

Datang Mobile's special high-speed rail solution + high-speed rail support optimization scheme effectively ensures the quality of the mobile communication network of the Daxi high-speed rail. At present, the average download speed of the high-speed railway from Linfen to Yuncheng undertaken by Datang Mobile can reach 30m, enabling users to enjoy the high-speed experience on the 250km/h high-speed train, adding fun to passengers' journey. It also provides valuable experience for the follow-up LTE network construction of high-speed railway

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