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4billion m3 coal to gas project listed in national planning Hubei will bid farewell to gas shortage on July 23, it was learned from the provincial energy bureau that a number of major energy projects in Hubei were listed in the national planning. Hubei energy 4billion m3 coal to gas project, Wuhan Jiangbei urban 500 kV power transmission and transformation project, Ezhou Power Plant Phase III 500 kV transmission project, Jiangpinghe power plant 500 kV transmission project and other 24 projects have been included in the national key projects of the 13th five year plan

entrusted by the national energy administration, the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute organized a symposium on key projects for the mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the 13th five year plan for the demonstration of coal deep processing industry in Beijing on July 13. Hubei energy 40 can turn 100 million cubic meters of coal to gas project when the oil to be emitted does not contain bubbles. The evaluation results will be reported to the national energy administration

2015, the Three Gorges Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei Province, including the construction of a 4billion m3 coal to gas project in Hubei Province to solve the problem of natural gas shortage in Hubei Province through coal to natural gas technology. The project is preliminarily located in Jiangling, Jingzhou. The project turns coal into "artificial" natural gas through processing, and the gas supply pipeline can be shared with the existing natural gas pipeline

it is understood that China's natural gas is mainly supplied by PetroChina and Sinopec, and the national dispatching is implemented. Once there is a national gas shortage, the contradiction between supply and demand in Hubei, which is short of natural gas resources, is more prominent. According to the relevant person in charge of the project of Hubei Jingju coal and electricity Chemical Industry Development Co., Ltd., a global chemical giant, the three major shareholders of the company are three gorges group, Shaanxi coal chemical group and Hubei energy. After the project is completed, 4billion cubic meters of coal to gas will be produced every year. At present, the annual gas consumption of our province is 4.2 billion cubic meters. This means that the gas supply of our province may be doubled. It is reported that the raw coal of the project mainly comes from Yulin area in Northern Shaanxi, which is located on the Menghua coal transportation channel, and the annual coal demand is about 12.7 million tons

according to the introduction, since the coal price has increased by about 50% compared with the time when the project was prepared, and the price of natural valve stations has fallen sharply, the economy of adopting a new complex PHA as an endoester material composed of microorganisms in the future project operation will be an important issue. At present, the project plans to build a supporting methanol project with an annual output of 1.8 million tons to improve its economy by extending the product deep processing chain

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