The hottest 491 barrels of fake Nippon were collec

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491 barrels of "fake Nippon" were collectively destroyed

491 barrels of "fake Nippon" were collectively destroyed

May 8, 2015

[China paint information] on the afternoon of May 7, 2015, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision investigated and dealt with counterfeit building materials and decorative materials in the "double strike" campaign in Shuangzha village, Lingqiao Town, Huaiyin District, in order to bury The method of mixing and curing bricks shall be used for harmless centralized destruction

◎ "Li Gui" paint turned into brick making materials

it is reported that the counterfeit and shoddy commodities destroyed this time mainly include three varieties, including counterfeit Nippon 321 high-grade acrylic elastic emulsion paint, counterfeit Nippon 102 multi-functional sealing primer, and counterfeit Nippon 301 external wall elastic emulsion paint, with a total value of more than 100000 yuan. At the destruction site, star brick factory, 491 barrels of fake Nippon products were transported to the site by large trucks. The Huaihai evening news found that the fake products could be confused with the real ones. The "Nippon engineering paint" printed on them was exactly the same as those sold on Alibaba

Huaihai evening news learned that the destruction was conducted in a pollution-free manner. Zhang, leader of the second brigade of the inspection detachment of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said: "in the past, the destruction of these commodities was generally treated by on-site landfill and incineration, but it could not achieve the desired effect. Considering that the burned latex paint would be burned into hard blocks, this time we used these commodities as brick making materials, which not only solved the whereabouts of these latex paints, but also turned waste into treasure." Xia, the boss of the star brick and tile factory, told the Huaihai Evening News: "these coatings will not pollute the groundwater if they are sprayed on the clay for making bricks. The clay mixed with emulsion paint can be made into bricks after curing."

◎ in case of counterfeit products, you can dial 12365

counterfeit products infringe the rights and interests of the brand and the rights of consumers. The staff of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that by carrying out the action of centralized destruction of fake and shoddy commodities, it is intended to create a strong atmosphere of "anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting" in the whole society, and also to warn those illegal producers who manufacture and sell fake and shoddy products not to have a fluke mentality of evading punishment and attack. So, where did the counterfeit Nippon products investigated and dealt with this time flow out? Captain Zhang said: "the locations of counterfeit products investigated and dealt with this time are mainly concentrated in the building materials city and some enterprises that have formulated scientific and fair fault handling plans." He suggested that consumers should check whether the product is genuine when they buy a building material decoration commodity with different material characteristics required by each product. "First of all, it depends on whether the trademark is vague. Some counterfeiters will recycle old barrels, put fake materials on them and sell them. The trademark will be vague because of wear and tear. Second, we should pay attention to the spray code batch number of commodities. The regular commodity batch number is relatively neat. For counterfeit products, because the production is not standardized, the batch number between commodities is chaotic and irregular. Finally, consumers can log in to the official website of products to check the authenticity of products. In addition In addition, if consumers doubt the authenticity of the product quality, the utilization prospect of plastics in automobiles will be wider and wider. Call 12365 for help with the light steel keel for construction gb/t 11981 (2) 001. "

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