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45 lighting projects outline the night sky of Hefei city. When night falls, the city is lit by lights. There are thousands of lights here, as well as the lighting projects carefully built by Hefei. Look at the Swan Lake, where the zigzag light belt is projected on the water surface and swaying; Along the elevated Jinzhai Road, buildings are brightly lit, illuminating the night sky; Look at the pedestrian overpasses lit up by lights to facilitate citizens' travel. It is learned from the municipal experimental machinery division of the municipal urban and rural development commission that since 2017, the city has arranged 45 lighting projects to allow light and shadow to outline the night sky of the city

the night in Hefei is different.

you must have never seen such a bag park. Press the position extension button at this time

follow the light, change scenery step by step, and the winding path leads to seclusion. In Huilan Pavilion, the classical garden style white wall restores the Huizhou architectural color with white light, and the embankment illuminates the simple and natural riverbank line with elegant and quiet light; At the entrance of Qingfengge scenic spot, corrugated lights and projection lights illuminate the building and outline the image in silence; Garden Road courtyard lamps take "window chanting" as the theme, setting off the elegant atmosphere of traditional gardens; Fu Zhuang uses yellow light to render the elegance and tranquility of the building. The walls and landscape walls contrast with white light to set off the atmosphere of Huizhou gardens. The use of tree shadow and water grain lights makes the flow of blue and white lights and the whirling shadow of trees interweave into a beautiful picture

under the light and shadow, fanruo played a Huizhou nocturne for Bao Park

you must want to see such a Changjiang Road

stroll through the buildings in the shady area along the way, and the lighting perfectly presents the architectural details and greening ecology; In high-rise buildings, high-tech lighting integrates Huiyun humanities and arts. The lighting is characterized by displaying the landscape itself, and at the same time, linkage and scene projection highlight the prosperous charm of the business district; In famous landmarks such as the old provincial Party committee, Changjiang Hotel and Xinhua Bookstore, the lighting enhances the historical visual impact with high brightness and brightness; The Wutong trees on the middle Yangtze River Road are also the city memory that accompanies the growth of Hefei people from generation to generation. The warm golden light casts light on the ecology of Wutong street trees, lighting up the ecological memory and reviving the street scale of the old Yangtze River Road; The park around the city is an important Street Park on the middle Yangtze River Road. The lighting is based on arbor lighting. Around the city sculpture, a memory projection of Hefei square is set up. People walk around to feel the changing times of Hefei in the past century

with the city memory as the soul, the prosperous business district as the pulse, and the Huizhou culture as the rhyme, through the light and shadow scheduling of different buildings and the control of light color brightness, Changjiang Road will reproduce the century old prosperity of Anhui No. 1 road

there are also a number of famous scenic spots and landmarks in the city, such as Xiaoyaojin Park, heichiba, Swan Lake, etc., which will be covered with elaborately crafted light and shadow, and will bloom in the night

24 projects are lit up before the National Day

in the future, when you go out for a walk at night, you will see a different city, a city outlined by light and shadow

according to majinzhu, the relevant person in charge of the road and bridge monitoring center of the municipal division of the Municipal Commission of urban and rural development, in 2017, 24 night scene lighting projects were arranged in the city, and 6 projects that have been completed or are being implemented should have a suitable smooth film appearance to light up before New Year's day; Five projects under construction plan to light up before the Spring Festival; Other projects are being designed and improved. It is planned to turn on the lights before the National Day this year

among them, Shengli Road, Nanyan lake, Swan Lake and the surrounding 25 buildings must first turn off the power supply of the equipment, the central green axis, the administrative area, the pedestrian overpass in Shushan District, etc. have been lit; The North First Ring Road, Baohe Park, heichiba, Kuang River and some viaduct lifting projects will be lit before the Spring Festival this year. The buildings along the elevated Jinzhai Road, the buildings around wulidun interchange, and the buildings around the intersection of Wangjiang Road and Qianshan Road have been invited for bids and will be started soon

in addition, lighting projects such as Xiaoyaojin Park, Luyang section of Nanfei River, Hefei South Railway Station, North-South Elevated and buildings along Baohe Avenue elevated, Tianle Park and Fangxing Avenue will also be lit before the National Day this year

21 projects continue to improve the night view of Hefei

on the basis of last year's lighting projects, the city has preliminarily proposed 21 projects this year to further improve the night view of Hefei

in terms of the fast Ring Road, it is planned to brighten the East first ring road, the West first ring road and the South First Ring Road in 2018 to form the entire first ring road light belt. The lighting of the second ring road will be constructed by the Second Ring Road unimpeded project

in terms of viaducts and buildings along the line, it is planned to lighten the viaducts along Yuxi Road, Jinzhai Road (phase II), wulidun intersection buildings, Maanshan road viaduct and Baohe Avenue Viaduct (phase II)

in terms of bridges along the Nanfeihe River, it is planned to lighten the bridges in the urban section of Nanfeihe River in 2018

wanghucheng Park, tangxihe Park, Luzhou Park, amber Lake Park, Xishan Park, ecological park, Zhanbei Cultural Square, shufengwan Park, Emerald Lake and other parks will also be included in the scope of lighting improvement this year

in addition, important sections and buildings along the middle Changjiang Road, the buildings around Swan Lake, Wuhu Road and the north square of Hefei South Railway Station will also be lightened, so that the magic hand of light and shadow can depict the night sky of the city

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