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5000 yuan E3 1230 V5 latest 6th generation platform assembly computer configuration sheet recommended

although I have introduced many E3 host configuration sheets for you before, there are many different configurations due to the different styles of players. Today, I bring a set of 5000 yuan 6th generation Xeon E3 host configuration sheets. You are right. It is the 6th generation Xeon. In addition to normal use, the Xeon E312 drop test machine 30 V5 supports DDR4. The latest skylake architecture has almost the same performance as the sixth generation i7 6700, but it does not have a core display. However, it doesn't matter to the E3 party whether there is a nuclear display or not, because users running for E3 have never considered nuclear display at all

below is the configuration details:

cpu Xeon E3 1230 V5 (the latest 6th generation) 1689

radiator vgame mute fan 58

mainboard Gigabyte x150m plus 795

memory Kingston 8g 2133 (DDR4) 330

hard disk Kingston 120g SSD 329

graphics card seven rainbow GT international x compared with the same period last year 960 flame ares u 2gd5 1389

power supply jinheitian Longba 500W 230

chassis xianma miracle 3 179

total: 4999 yuan

this set of host is suitable for people: high-end game players, graphic design and production, video, game live broadcast

description of accessories:

Xeon E3 1230 v5

e V5 adopts the latest skylake architecture design, 4-core 8-thread, basic frequency 3.4GHz, acceleration frequency 3.8ghz, no core display, TDP 80W, support the latest DDR4 memory

Gigabyte x150m-plus

Gigabyte x150m-plus motherboard with Intel c232 chipset supports Xeon e V5 series and LGA 1151 skylake 6th generation processor. It has two DDR4 memory slots, one PCIe x16 and two

pcie X1 slots, six sata3.0 interfaces, Gigabit cards and high-definition audio chips

seven rainbow gtx960 flame ares u 2gd5

seven rainbow igame960 flame ares u is equipped with 128bit wide and 2GB high-specification video memory, which can perfectly support the smooth output of AAA large-scale games, fully support dx11.1 special effects and PhysX physical acceleration technology, and separate power supply and low-temperature operation can effectively improve the overclocking space of the graphics card. Seven rainbow igame960 flame ares u has two loops, position control and force control. The display core code gm206 is selected. The excellent design of Maxwell architecture can reduce the power consumption of the graphics card. 1024 CUDA processing units are built in the graphics card core. The 256bit/2gb high video memory capacity can meet all the daily operation needs of users and the smooth operation ability of the game. The graphics card adopts the all solid-state separated power supply design. The excellent closed inductor increases the current passing rate of the graphics card and also allows the heating capacity of the power supply line of the graphics card to be well controlled. The 6pin external power interface can easily operate above the default frequency of 1203/7010mhz. The graphics card uses an exclusive dual radiator design. The combination of a quiet fan with aerodynamic characteristics, multiple heat pipes and large-area heat sinks can ensure that the graphics card can maintain a low-temperature running state for a long time, protect the safety of internal components and prolong the service life of the graphics card. In terms of interface, the seven rainbow igame960 flame ares u provides a full system solution of dual dvi+hdmi+dp, which is convenient for users to select output devices according to their actual conditions. In addition, the iconic turbo one key overclocking switch is also deployed in the output interface area, so players can easily perform one key overclocking operation according to their own needs


Xeon E3 was originally known as the dark horse in U. its parameters are almost the same as those of i7, but its price is much lower than i7 due to its castrated core graphics card. The latest Xeon e31230 V5 adds support for DDR4 memory, which greatly improves the communication efficiency between CPU and memory. Seven rainbow flame ares Series graphics card has won the unanimous praise of users for its excellent performance and quality. The four core eight thread E3 processor with the latest architecture, combined with gtx960 independent graphics card and DDR4 memory, is believed to bring you a more extreme performance experience. Interested friends may wish to have a look

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