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The fourth elte industry alliance summit was successfully held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

the fourth elte industry alliance summit according to the current development trend was successfully held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, on May 30. The theme of this alliance summit is to lead the new ICT and elte to create a new era of industrial interconnection, attracting more than 200 participants from 3GPP standards organizations, third-party analysts, industry customers and alliance members. Guests shared the latest trends and development trends of 3GPP standardization and industrial chain of broadband cluster, application details and successful practices of elte Industry joint solutions, as well as the latest progress and cooperation achievements since the establishment of the Alliance for more than two years

elte is developing rapidly, and business applications are constantly expanding.

pengjianhua, President of wireless business of Huawei wireless network enterprises, delivered an opening speech at the alliance summit.

pengjianhua, President of wireless business of Huawei wireless network enterprises, said in his opening speech: Based on the mature industrial chain of LTE technology, e in elte has been endowed with many connotations. The first is enterprise, a professional wireless enterprise designed and developed for government and enterprise customers. One network carries all business flows such as production, management and service of the enterprise, and one carries all-round business information such as voice, data, video and location of integrated dispatching command; The second is business extension, which extends from public security and rail transit to various industries such as chemical industry, water and power, production and manufacturing, and from authorized spectrum to unauthorized spectrum, providing rich spectrum options, and extending from people-oriented communication to industrial interconnection; Industry adaptation provides enhanced solutions for professional application scenarios. The system has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability and high security, and the rich industry terminals adapt to a variety of industry needs; Technology evolution: elte conforms to 3GPP standard and has the ability of long-term evolution to 4.5g/5g. We expect to build a healthy and mature elte ecological wood-based panel testing machine, which is mainly used in various wood-based panel consumption enterprises and quality inspection department systems, by complementing the advantages of our partners, optimizing end-to-end industry solutions

J rgen nerz, the business development director of hexcom, said at the media round table that we have successfully integrated the elte special system with hexcom's CAD system together with Huawei, provided rich alarm channels, relied on the intuitive resource allocation of the GIS platform, realized the integrated visual fusion scheduling command, and efficiently linked across departments to calmly deal with various security challenges

elte Industry Alliance attracted heavyweight partners to join

elte industry alliance was established in february2014. The members of the alliance widely cover various manufacturers in the industry chain, including industry customers, specialized operators, integrators, application developers, industry terminals. At the same time, the fixture design should consider the characteristics of appropriate rubber and suppliers that can not slip. The elte Industry Alliance plays an increasingly important role in promoting the wide application of elte solutions in different industry markets, solution innovation, joint marketing, standard promotion, etc. its global influence continues to increase, attracting many heavy partners to join. In the past year, a total of 16 new members joined the elte industry alliance, including leaders in the industries such as Shanghai Automation Thales, frequentis and Emerson Process control. The number of alliance members has reached 88

elte industry alliance has welcomed the fourth batch of new members in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Therefore, it is expected that in the near future, the scrap steel market will mainly be consolidated in a narrow range. P>elte will serve the world, and many industry solutions CCW will be unveiled.

as of Q1 2016, Huawei has signed 180 elte project contracts and opened 84 elte commercial networks, which are widely used in public safety, transportation, energy and other fields to help government and enterprise customers build professional A reliable mobile communication platform can meet the needs of modern business management and continuously improve its operation efficiency and security level. CCW is the world's top event in the field of emergency communication. This year, CCW attracted 175 manufacturers from more than 120 countries to participate in the exhibition. Huawei has participated in the exhibition for four consecutive years. The exhibition area is 250 square meters, with four theme exhibition areas, including elte public safety exhibition area, transportation and energy industry exhibition area, oneair solution industry application exhibition area and elte cooperation exhibition area, which fully reflects the application of Huawei elte solutions in public safety, transportation, energy and other fields, as well as the results of elte industry cooperation

Huawei participates in ccw2016

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