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500 citizens participate in Suning Electric Appliance training class on disaster prevention and mitigation last weekend, the Red Cross Society of China and Suning Electric Appliance jointly organized a public welfare class on disaster prevention and mitigation in action families, which was held in ten cities across the country. As one of the host cities, Beijing has personally visited the North Taipingzhuang store of Suning Electric Appliance to experience such a unique family disaster prevention and reduction class. It is quite awesome to quote the words of many audience members

citizens' awareness of disaster prevention and reduction has been strengthened. More than 500 people have signed up for the training.

it is reported that our public welfare class on disaster prevention and reduction in action families is a public welfare class for self-help and mutual assistance for residents' disaster prevention and reduction launched by Suning Electric Co., Ltd. and the Red Cross Society of China on the third national disaster prevention and reduction day. The relevant person in charge of Suning Electric told that the activities were carried out simultaneously in 10 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu. Through knowledge explanation, on-site interaction, distribution of emergency kits and other forms, the activities helped citizens understand the knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction, enhance the ability of self rescue and mutual rescue, and reduce hidden dangers of family safety

therefore, it is learned from Suning Electric that nearly 500 people in the city have signed up for this public welfare class. The age of the applicants is distributed at all ages, ranging from children in their teens to the elderly in their 80s. A young lady surnamed Xia told me that she lacks professional training in disaster prevention and mitigation. She hoped to take this opportunity to learn about self-help. The LCD displays the experimental power and peak experimental power

from the scene of the public welfare class, experts from the Red Cross Society explained the knowledge of earthquake, fire and other disaster protection and self rescue to the audience on site, and conducted practical operation drills, attracting a large number of audience to participate in the interaction. Experts from the Red Cross Society temporarily taught the on-site audience to make personal protective equipment with toilet materials, which opened their eyes. On site experts of the Red Cross Society also directly compiled the knowledge of self rescue and mutual rescue in disasters such as earthquake and fire into catchy doggerel, which is easy to understand and easy to remember. Take the earthquake self rescue knowledge as an example: in case of an earthquake, first take shelter, find a gap under the table and bed, lean against the corner of the wall and bend your body, seize the opportunity to escape, stay away from all buildings, and squat in the open after the earthquake

in addition, Suning Electric also gave full play to the advantages of home appliance experts. Professional water and electricity engineers explained the use, maintenance and precautions of home appliances to the on-site audience, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by improper use of electricity and too long use of electrical appliances, which was also welcomed by the audience

the professional knowledge is practical and easy to understand. People call awesome directly.

a Mr. Zhang at the scene told that he had benefited a lot from participating in the disaster prevention and reduction class. He not only learned a lot about self rescue and mutual rescue, but also understood how to eliminate potential safety hazards at home. Mr. Zhang said that the liquefied gas cylinder in his home has been placed in the closet under the stove. After listening to the experts' explanations, he learned that the liquefied gas cylinder may cause gas leakage due to factors such as quality, service time and the opening and connection of pipeline valves. The air in the closet is not circulating, so it is easy to accumulate and precipitate on the ground. Once encountering an open fire, it is very easy to cause combustion and explosion accidents. After listening to the expert's guidance, he said that after returning home, he immediately placed the LPG cylinder away from the stove, where the air circulation is convenient for people to operate and observe

a lady surnamed Zhao told after listening to the experts' explanation that participating in the disaster prevention and reduction class had a great inspiration for her new house decoration. The decoration should not only pay attention to the beauty of the house, but also pay attention to the safety of the house. After going back, she should re plan the decoration plan of the new house. Ms. Zhao said that the high flammability of plastics, paints, wallpapers, thinners, bright oils, chemical fiber curtains and tablecloths mentioned by experts would be avoided as far as possible when exporting to developed countries, and the decoration materials with the middle and low end as the main component. In home decoration, attention will also be paid to the laying and installation of electrical lines

also interviewed Uncle Wang, who was in his 60s. He told him that the public welfare classes organized by Suning Electric were very practical. The knowledge explanation of experts from the Red Cross Society was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The lectures of Suning Electric's hydropower engineers were vivid and vivid. He could understand and remember clearly when he was old. He hoped that such public welfare classes would be carried out more and more often

it is understood that the top 50 citizens who signed up for Suning disaster prevention and reduction training class on Saturday and Sunday can also get a free family emergency kit from Suning Electric. We saw that the emergency packages distributed by Suning included first-aid items such as band aids, artificial respiration facial mask, cold compress ice bag, thermal insulation first-aid blanket, which could basically meet the daily family emergency needs. The audience called Suning awesome directly

it is understood that in addition to the wonderful on-site explanation in Suning store, Suning Electric also invited Dr. hezhongjie, director of ICU of the First Affiliated Hospital of the PLA General Hospital and member of the steering committee of the Red Cross Society of China, to answer various questions about disaster prevention and reduction and common family safety knowledge raised by consumers in real time on the official microblog of Suning Electric, attracting nearly 1000 friends to participate in the interaction, Friends who participate in the interaction also have the opportunity to get a free family emergency kit from Suning. According to the official microblog of Suning, online friends also called awesome directly for the activity held by Suning Electric

gaokun, deputy general manager of Suning Electric, a 28 pin dual in-line package, told that disaster prevention and reduction work is related to the fundamental interests of thousands of families and the lives and property safety of every citizen. The theme of this year's event is to start disaster prevention and reduction with me. Suning and the Red Cross Society of China hold a public welfare class on disaster prevention and reduction in action families, which is also aimed at arousing my awareness and enhancing citizens' awareness of disaster prevention, self-help and mutual rescue skills. Disaster prevention and reduction activities should not only be reflected in the disaster prevention and reduction day, but also go deep into every day of our lives to build a solid defense line against disasters for ourselves, family and friends. Gao Kun said that the public welfare class received a positive response from the Red Cross Society of China and the general public, and also explained the importance of popularizing the knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction. Suning will carry out such activities related to the well-being of ordinary people for a long time in the future

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