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A 5-year-old boy drank red wine to cause alcoholism. He had previously taken cephalosporin antibiotics. Recently, it was learned from the municipal maternal and child health hospital that although the Spring Festival is approaching, the number of pediatric outpatient clinics has not decreased. This newspaper specially invited zhangkunming, director of Pediatrics of Yangzhou maternal and child health hospital, to help parents learn how to celebrate the new year safely

after drinking a glass of red wine, the boy suffered from alcoholism. Mengmeng (a pseudonym) was 5 years old. He followed his parents to visit relatives for the new year. After dinner, the adults were chatting while the children were playing. At this time, I was tired and thirsty. I saw a large red "drink" on the tea table and drank it down. Who knows the drink is not sweet, but also astringent. The parents found that Mengmeng had drunk a large glass of red wine! Before long, Mengmeng began to have no chance to make noise, flushed face, faster breathing, and finally had the symptoms of drowsiness

zhangkunming said that when a small patient comes, excitement and depression alternate. During the consultation, zhangkunming learned that Mengmeng had taken cephalosporins for a cold not long ago, and cephalosporins would have disulfiram like reaction when encountering alcohol, leading to poisoning. The doctor sobered up Mengmeng, washed his stomach and gave him an infusion. Fortunately, there was no danger

the happy gathering during the Spring Festival also depends on the improvement of the design concept of food packaging and the development of the latest plastic processing technology. If you don't pay attention, it is very easy for children to be exposed to alcohol. Children are not only prone to poisoning due to insufficient alcohol metabolism, but also will damage their cardiopulmonary function, liver and kidney function. More seriously, it will damage their brain system and nervous function, resulting in sleepiness, coma A series of symptoms such as memory loss and even death. Therefore, experts remind parents that they must always pay attention during the Spring Festival to keep their children away from alcohol

boys smoke because China's extruder products are closely connected with strategic new industries. During the Spring Festival, Xiaoqiang, 6, accidentally burned his face. He went back to his hometown to set off fireworks with the children. As a result, the fireworks in his hand exploded before they were thrown out, and the powder of gunpowder and gunpowder splashed on his face. Xiaoqiang's face is dark, with 1 General burn trace of less than 10 tons. After inspection, it is a burn of more than two degrees

zhangkunming suggested that people, especially children, try not to set off fireworks. "It's best not to let fireworks into the house." After the fireworks are set off, the air contains E. graph curve scale auto optimization autoscale harmful particles, which also damage the respiratory tract

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