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There are 24 modes for enterprises to make profits in adversity (Part 2)

13. The definition of "unique skills" mode

from a commercial perspective, unique skills refer to products with extraordinary production processes, formulas, raw materials, core technologies, and long-term market demand. Because this mode is often monopolistic, once the advantages are determined, it will have great monopolistic business value

Coca Cola: the wonderful use of "secret recipe"

in the vault of a bank in Atlanta, the United States, there is one of the biggest secrets of the business world. Coca Cola has a mysterious formula that lasts for 120 years. For more than 120 years, the secret recipe, like the "Holy Grail" in the Da Vinci Code, has attracted people to explore and try to steal

in fact, there are secret recipes. However, from India's request for Coca Cola to publish the secret recipe to its repeated "theft", people can't help asking whether the secret recipe is a trade secret or a marketing method? In a sense, how to test the viscosity of tape? This requires special instruments to test. It is said that smart Coca Cola managers are applying the two to the greatest effect. Since pharmacist John Pemberton invented the Coca Cola formula in 1886, the formula has changed its owner. A few years later, Coca Cola's equity was transferred to the billionaire Aisa kedler, who invested heavily in Coca Cola, making this soft drink a success. In 1919, Coca Cola's new investors began to take the secret recipe and the story of the secret recipe as a marketing means. They locked the secret recipe into the safe of the Bank of Atlanta, winning a place for the "secret recipe" in American pop culture

in fact, industry experts pointed out that Coca Cola's formula is no longer all of its core competitiveness. "Pepsi Cola didn't lock the secret recipe in the safe, but it didn't do badly." But Coca Cola not only regards the secret recipe as a unique skill, but also shows people its superb brand operation means through this unique event marketing means

14, "long tail route" mode

definition: the long tail theory was proposed by American Chris Anderson. According to the long tail theory, due to cost and efficiency factors, when the space and channels for commodity storage, circulation and display are wide enough, and the production and sales costs of commodities are sharply reduced, almost any product that previously seemed to have extremely low demand, as long as it was sold, would be bought. The common market share of these products with low demand and sales volume can be even larger than that of mainstream products

Tianyu Langtong: jixiaochengduo

the rise track of Tianyu Langtong is definitely one of the best reference models for the growth of Chinese enterprises. Whether it is the competitive environment in China when it started or the adjustment of strategic direction after entering the field, it is undoubtedly of great reference significance for Chinese enterprises

if Tianyu Langtong also follows the development ideas of foreign manufacturers, I'm afraid people won't see the top three Chinese brands today. Tianyu Langtong has well practiced the long tail theory in the collocation of products. Due to the emergence of MediaTek, through modular production, the overall cost of has changed dramatically, and the manufacturing threshold of has been greatly reduced, so a series of so-called Shanzhai emerge in endlessly. Tianyu Langtong also seized such industrial opportunities. In the research and development of products, according to the characteristics of different minority groups, through small technical processing, some new functions are added, such as the function of detecting counterfeit money for many people who have difficulty in identifying counterfeit money, and some add a small radio function. It turns a small crowd that many mainstream manufacturers disdain or are unwilling to do into their own valued users. Through the accumulation of these small crowds, Tianyu Langtong has made itself the leader of the Chinese industry that foreign giants are also afraid of

15, "storm" mode

definition: the so-called storm mode is mostly in industries with high innovation requirements. In such industries, the cost of research and development is often high, so the speed of product launch is very high. Therefore, when the product development cost is fixed (usually high) and the marginal manufacturing cost after development is low, the best way to obtain high profits is to increase the number of products sold

Hollywood: cluster bomb commercial bombing

the business mode of high input and high output, and all-round and multi-level explosive three-dimensional marketing have always been the business operation mode of Hollywood blockbusters. In terms of marketing, the promotion of Hollywood blockbusters has been systematically promoted in all aspects and at multiple levels. Intensive "bombing" has formed a strong audio-visual impact. For example, release, star support, advertising, political dignitaries, media comments, seminars, derivative products and "remote" Promotion... There are many kinds, and there are countless

Hollywood has achieved great commercial success through its industrialized and programmed production mode and successful industrial operation. The production mode of the film is one of the key elements of Hollywood's success. From Hollywood's initial factory production mode to the 1960s, Hollywood began to change the production mode, the perfect combination of production mode and personal creativity, and properly grasp the relationship between commercial interests and personal pursuit, that is, high-tech animation production, high-quality screenwriting standards and successful procedural production. From the deification of heroes to the consciousness of blockbusters, Hollywood has successfully led the world's film industry. In addition to the industrialization of film production, the operation of industrialization is also one of the keys to the success of the Hollywood model. As a cultural carrier, film art is intervened by political behaviors such as trade restrictions for the purpose of protecting cultural sovereignty. The U.S. response is to transplant production links overseas, reduce costs and avoid restrictions. Facing various pressures from other media, Hollywood has increased its advertising investment and subdivided the film market. In the United States, the advertising of the entertainment industry ranks fifth

the secondary market (auxiliary market) of Hollywood film industry is very sound. Such as video tape rental and sale, paid home video, Internet TV, syndicate market, etc., through the time difference sales strategy, the revenue of the production company has been greatly increased

16, "surprise victory" mode

definition: Sun Tzu said: "the general rule of operation: face the enemy with 'regular soldiers' and win with' surprise soldiers'." In the highly competitive business world, it is equally important to win by surprise. Winning by surprise mode can often rely on eye-catching ideas and ideas, give priority to preconceived ideas and win opportunities

Hu Ge: the value of "spoof"

limitless is considered by many people to be Chen Kaige's failure. It costs a lot of money and threatens to be the best commercial blockbuster in China, but it finally becomes people's funny talk. However, although Chen Kaige encountered embarrassment, there was one person who gained a lot from it and turned this idea into a business model. This person is Hu Ge

many people may remember that when the promise was released, the film was not popular, but the short film was extremely popular, that is, the mischief "promise" made by Hu Ge, "a blood case caused by a steamed bun", which was so popular in China that Chen Kaige angrily wanted to sue Hu ge. From then on, Hu geyang became famous

with the popularity of "a blood case caused by a steamed bun", Hu Ge created works such as "the Spring Festival Empire" and "the story of suppressing bandits in birdcage mountain". In these works, Hu Ge continued his spoof style and provocative style of film and television works. Soon, many filmmakers began to realize the value of Hugo from their previous anger. Because friends like Hu Ge, Hu Ge's works are always copied and spread by word of mouth. Therefore, many film or television producers will take the initiative to find Hu Ge before the film and television works are released, and ask them to give criticism or find gangster scenes. As a result, Hugo also created his own station, which is dedicated to finding fault with film and television works, especially looking for gangster shots or pranks. Through this operation, the film and television producers achieved the purpose of hype and communication, and Hugo also obtained the benefits of operation, which can be described as a win-win situation

17, "profit multiplier" mode

definition: the so-called corporate profit multiplier mode is the way in which companies use their own products, services, images, trademarks, brands to repeatedly obtain profits in different segments. The core of the success of the profit multiplier model is based on a strong consumer brand of the company. The company's strong brand has extraordinary influence, and has long-lasting customer loyalty. Customers will pay attention to, recognize and buy the company's series of products and services

Disney: making money and making "soft touch"

countless people have a Disney complex in their hearts, because since the birth of Disney, people seem to spend their childhood with the classic images of Disney, such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, little flying man, from TV screens to animation books, cartoon toys, and then to Disneyland, which every Disney fan yearns for, This entertainment empire seems to always take people's wallets out again and again, and people are always willing to "contribute" their money to Disney from childhood to childhood and then to parenthood. This is Disney's profit multiplier model, also known as the "round revenue" model

behind Disney's happy culture, there is a business operation system with continuous development, expansion and upgrading of the industry. Starting from the production of films and cartoons, Disney's industry has gradually expanded to selling cartoons and TV programs, developing and selling products with patented cartoon images, operating Disney theme parks, buying TV channels, participating in game development, and even operating related industries. Thus, it has a huge wealth production chain including film and television entertainment, media networks, theme parks and consumer products

Disney's animation production, apart from the box office, earned its first round of revenue by publishing and selling copies and videos. In this round, Disney recovered hundreds of millions of dollars through the United States and overseas markets, solving the problem of cost recovery

theme park revenue is Disney's second round of revenue. Disneyland around the world attracts a large number of tourists to spend. Finally, brand products and chain operation. Disney has authorized and established a large number of Disney stores in the United States and around the world, and earned the third round by selling all kinds of toys, food, gifts and other brand products

it is reported that at present, the income from the use and transfer of Disney's exclusive rights to animation images, the production and sales of brand products, and the publication and distribution of relevant books and periodicals, music and even game products account for about 40% of Disney's overall income. The pillar of its revenue is its media and film and television business

18. Definition of "industry standard" mode

in an immature industry, if you can make your enterprise standard progressiveness and referential, you can make it an industry standard as far as possible, even if you are involved in the formulation of industry standards. This will put the enterprise in a very favorable position

Fangtai kitchenware: play with the "standard"

as the leader of China's kitchen electrical industry, Ningbo Fangtai kitchenware always adheres to a professional and dedicated idea. Founder Mao Lixiang

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