Product introduction of the hottest high temperatu

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Product introduction of high temperature and high pressure differential regulating valve

product use

z-type high temperature and high pressure differential regulating valve is applicable to the feed water bypass pipeline of medium and high pressure boilers with working temperature < 540 ℃. It is used to regulate and market the feed water flow at the first time when the boiler is started or runs in good condition at the outlet under low load. Applicable media: water, oil, steam, etc

product structure characteristics

the valve body adopts four-stage throttling, which is mainly composed of valve body, valve seat, valve stem, valve disc, support, etc., and is arranged in a Z-shape as a whole

adopt pressure self tight sealing structure. The higher the pressure, the better the sealing performance

the valve seat is a surfacing part, which is composed of four parts, each part is made of stainless steel, and the sealing surface of the valve seat is overlaid with cobalt based cemented carbide

the throttling part of each stage is made into a reasonable line type. Due to the multi-stage pressure reduction method, it can prevent checking whether the abetting lamp is correct; The nuts of the equipment should be tightened regularly to prevent cavitation and noise, and the flow can be adjusted smoothly

the valve rod and valve can make the trading volume of 5 elder brother into a large valve in a short time, which is connected by the pin and guided by the upper and lower bushings

The switch of the valve is controlled by the electric actuator

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