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Product innovation in tangible product marketing in recent times, "innovation" can be said to be the most fashionable word now. Governments, societies and enterprises at all levels all emphasize innovation, and marketers who are always the first to feel the new things are the first to put forward many views such as innovative marketing and marketing innovation, so many useful views have emerged, As a veteran who has worked in the field of marketing for many years, the author happened to have been involved in the development process of new products for many times, so he summarized some views on the basis of previous experience, hoping to be helpful and enlightening to colleagues in the business community, which is the purpose of this article

although many experts talk about product innovation independently of marketing innovation, the author believes that product planning is a very important link in marketing planning, so product innovation must also be a key component of enterprise marketing innovation. From the perspective of marketing, I think the following areas are very important: technological innovation, product function innovation Innovation in product appearance and product packaging

I. technological innovation:

technological innovation in the narrow sense refers to the behavior of meeting some needs of consumers with a brand-new product form and partially or completely replacing the original product on the premise of being completely independent of the existing technological form. When the effect of technological innovation is to produce products with the characteristics of more energy saving, more convenient operation and lower cost, we believe that this technological innovation has produced completely innovative products, and completely innovative products are the best way to lead the new trend of consumption, subvert the old market pattern and obtain new profits (and windfall profits) in the market

when an enterprise grasps the most front-end technology of an industry and manufactures products with completely different technology types from those originally used for PE and EVA, it can use its low cost and high performance to obtain excess profits

every technological update in history will bring new development opportunities for enterprises, and even change the competitive pattern of the industry: for example, the emergence of coal-fired stoves relative to firewood stoves, the emergence of liquefied gas stoves relative to coal-fired stoves, the emergence of electromagnetic stoves, and the emergence of liquefied gas stoves will bring continuous reshuffling of the stove industry; Iron rice cooker relative to wood steamer, pressure cooker relative to traditional iron rice cooker, electric rice praise relative to pressure cooker has also brought about one after another in the rice cooker industry; Compared with black-and-white CRT TVs, color CRT TVs and LCD TVs have brought new development opportunities to many TV manufacturers

for the decision-makers of enterprises, we must pay attention to: technological innovation is a behavior of high investment, high efficiency and high risk for enterprises, which can make enterprises go to heaven or hell. Therefore, enterprises must make decisions on technological development strategies according to the development of the industry and their own strength, and remember not to blindly pursue technological innovation

second, functional innovation:

compared with complete technological innovation, local innovation based on the original technology may be a realistic choice for more enterprises. It is not only easy to achieve, but also relatively low risk, because it is basically carried out on the basis of the original product form. Consumer demand remains unchanged, and there is no need to educate the market, which not only saves costs, but also has a low risk of failure. The author calls this kind of partial innovation in technology as functional innovation. Generally speaking, it includes the following:

1. Increased convenience of use:

the increased convenience of consumers is a good direction for product innovation, including software and hardware: in software, it is mainly to simplify the operation process; In terms of hardware, appropriate improvements are mainly made according to the principles of Ergonomics (if there are changes in appearance at this point, it belongs to the category of product appearance innovation). If the increased convenience makes consumers more like the product, or pay an extra price, it is a successful innovation

2. Increased use function:

under the condition that the original product form remains unchanged, the use function of the product is increased through the improvement of the software. If consumers are willing to accept this and pay an extra price, it is an effective product innovation. Increasing or reducing the use function of the product can make the product different in function and ensure the richness of the product line.

3. The stability of use is increased:

through the improvement and perfection of the product software, the stability of the product is increased. For example, the electrical appliances that used to be used for only 10000 hours can be used for 100000 hours through improvement, and consumers are willing to pay for the increased stability, which also belongs to the scope of effective innovation

III. innovation in appearance:

in addition to the innovation in product software, the change of product appearance can also enrich the product line of enterprises, "to meet the diverse needs of consumers' choices, especially in some mature industries, the success or failure of appearance design basically determines the success or failure of products before the emergence of generative technology. It is based on this point, A well-known expert in the household appliance industry once pointed out that "the competition of modern household appliance enterprises is the competition of appearance design". In my opinion, the appearance design accounts for a large proportion of the competition success or failure of all durable consumer goods. For the innovation of appearance, there are mainly the following aspects:

1. The change of appearance shape:

changing the external shape of products is already a completely different product in the eyes of some consumers. In the home appliance industry such as color TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc., basically, the difference of products of various manufacturers is entirely the difference of appearance; In the actual operation process, changes in the position of some keys, changes in the position of some process slots, and changes in corners will form a good product appearance diversification effect

because the cost of mold development accounts for a large proportion in the development of new household appliances, many manufacturers now use the method of exchanging mold kernels on the mold to realize a set of mold with multiple shapes, so as to reduce the cost of new product development

2. Change of appearance color:

consumers' preferences for color are also diversified, and manufacturers' transformation of product color can not only meet consumers' diversified consumption needs, but also save the cost of mold development. Therefore, now many manufacturers enrich their product lines through overall and local color changes

3. Innovation of appearance materials:

based on cost reduction, more beautiful appearance For the purpose of meeting more needs of consumers, manufacturers often use raw materials of different materials to replace the original materials, and the product differences caused by the use of different materials are also a very effective category of product innovation

for example, changing the surface of TV from ordinary paint to gloss paint is a very common way to improve the product grade; At that time, Midea fan was the leader of the fan industry in China and even in the world because it adopted plastic fan pages to replace iron fan pages

IV. innovation in packaging:

with the change of product supply and demand in the market, the current product concept has been extended from its ontology to the level of packaging. Packaging is becoming a choice for product differentiation, which has become a more important category of product innovation. Of course, it is also relatively easy to achieve. Packaging with high-grade materials and well-designed patterns plays a key role in improving brand image, and is now the best means for many manufacturers to obtain more profits. There are mainly the following ways to innovate in packaging:

1. Image improvement of packaging design:

as the influence of product outer packaging on the brand is gradually paid attention to, manufacturers pay more attention to the outer packaging of products, and even drive the great development of the whole social packaging industry. Good manufacturers combine packaging and brand image design into the whole brand communication project. A series of product outer packaging design enables consumers to see the standard packaging colors of some brands from a long distance in many shopping malls. Generally, the outer packaging of enterprises is designed by special advertising companies, and some enterprises organize their own design teams to do it by themselves. Good packaging design brings more than image enhancement to entrepreneurs. The author once met a boss of chopsticks business. By inviting a special company to do packaging design innovation, product sales and price growth exceeded 30%

2. Improvement of packaging materials:

in addition to the image improvement of packaging design, the improvement of packaging materials is also a good way of product innovation. For example, some household appliances are packed with kraft paper instead of kraft paper, which greatly improves the strength. In addition, the original paper packaging materials are changed into plastic and iron packaging materials, and the original simple packaging is changed into hardcover, which greatly improves the grade of products, thus increasing the profitability of enterprises

3. Change of packaging form:

in addition to the change of packaging pattern and material, the change of product packaging volume is also a common means for enterprises to carry out product innovation, especially in the FMCG industry: large packaging is changed into small packaging to meet the changing needs of consumers; Small packaging integrates large packaging to facilitate customers. Now our domestic petrochemical industry, heating pipe network and other fields have achieved the needs of users for batch purchase, etc

many products establish product lines through the size of packaging: families with large populations use large packages of washing powder; Tourists use small packages of washing powder; So is shampoo

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