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Product data management and application of PDM system

starting from the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, we use advanced it (Information Technology) technology to develop and design a product data management PDM system with the characteristics of our company, which fundamentally solves the problems of product data management and application faced by the company before the implementation of PDM system, and shortens the cycle of product development and design by design engineers, It greatly improves the work efficiency and solves the practical problems in the process of enterprise informatization

the CNC machine tool products of Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd. have the characteristics of multi variety and small batch production, as many as 11 series and more than 30 varieties. The product composition information is diverse, complex and diverse. In the process of implementing product data information management (PDM) informatization, enterprises have sought mature commercial PDM software in the market. Finally, because the selected commercial PDM software has great limitations in actual use, it not only does not improve the work efficiency of product design engineers, but also increases the workload due to the operation of PDM maintenance system. Based on the above, the technology department integrates the software development power within the company, According to the needs of the company, we should strive to solve the actual difficulties and comprehensively utilize the commercial development software ms vs Net powerful and rich development tools and database management software have designed and developed a product data management system with the characteristics of a little giant that can bend more than 200000 times

Figure 1: hardware composition of product data management PDM system

the self-developed product data management PDM system mainly includes the following aspects:

◆ safety management of product drawing documents, which can be browsed by authorized users through computers or downloaded locally for browsing and use

◆ special project management to meet the needs of users, and realize the control and management of product technology development process such as project, task assignment, job statistics, summary and analysis

◆ CNC machine tool product tree configuration structure management, realize the flexible management of product whole machine, parts, self-made parts, standard parts and purchased parts, and change the controllability and traceability of product configuration changes

◆ the product data system automatically generates the product configuration BOM (product composition bill of materials) to ensure the integrity, uniqueness and safety of the product data of CNC machine tools

◆ controllability and traceability control of product change process, through the combination of various notices and systems

◆ it can be integrated with ERP system to lay the foundation for ERP to provide timely and accurate BOM list

◆ system tracking day Jinan assay mechanical testing machine commonly used four detection methods, Department roles, and authority management functions to effectively ensure the security of the system

◆ the automatic scheduling backup function of the product data information database is combined with manual regular backup, which ensures the security and reduces the risk of system crash

pdm system hardware configuration

the PDM system independently developed and designed runs on the windows operating system platform

as shown in Figure 1, the server adopts the windows 2000 server operating system, and the hardware configuration of multi disk array redundant backup (RAID) to realize the high performance, high availability and high reliability of the storage system

the client uses Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, and browsers above IE 6.0

the software platform adopts ms vs Net development; SQL Server 2000 database; Integrate MS report server data report function to provide rich, diverse and convenient report formats; The MS exchange server email function is integrated in the system, and the system workflow should be controlled by cutting off the power supply in time

the whole system adopts the browser/server architecture to realize the management of product data information, and the system update and maintenance only need to be carried out on the server side, reducing the burden of maintaining the system; The client only needs a browser and mail client (Outlook Express or office outlook), which fully reflects the mobility and sharing of information under the current popular network hardware configuration (network bandwidth of more than 100 megabytes/Gigabit)

Figure 2: PDM system framework diagram of product data management

PDM system framework composition

realize the centralized security management of NC machine tool product data information through the management functions of NC machine tool product project design management, product configuration management, permission access log, etc., and realize the functions of functional component layer, data connection intermediate service layer and data storage layer through software design. The functions of intelligent PDM system can expand the application modules as needed, Without affecting the structure and function of existing modules. The specific frame structure is shown in Figure 2

pdm system design management of complex products

Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has more than 20000 kinds of CNC product parts, and the structure of parts is complex, which is divided into products, unit parts, optional components, parts and other levels. Before the implementation of PDM, it has caused great difficulties to product design changes and product data management, the repeated availability of unit parts is difficult, and the management of product details updating and replacement is chaotic

the self-developed PDM has a powerful tree product data management function (as shown in Figure 3). It gradually loads the product data composition information according to the needs of users, which not only reduces the flow of network information, but also enables the required product information to be fully displayed

for the general unit part information, the uniqueness of the identification in the system will be maintained no matter which series of models are used. When upgrading, the product data composition information of the backup version is automatically generated, and the latest version information is retained in the system

the system provides the reference query function for a general part, which can clearly understand and control the scope of use of general parts

the access to graphic files (2D CAD, 3D SolidWorks and other mechanical design files) is strictly authorized in combination with the Windows domain management function, and the file version upgrade is automatically controlled, thus protecting the correctness and uniqueness of the information source of graphic documents

the intelligent and humanized auxiliary management function and the simple and fast input/output function of BOM significantly improve the work efficiency of product design engineers and the flow process of relevant notification information

the characteristic controllable and traceable design change process ice function (intelligent number management engine Intel selective code engine) when the product design engineer modifies the product data information according to the needs of user ordering or production improvement, the intelligent PDM system automatically and legally changes the relevant detailed codes according to the coding rules of the company's materials, and submits and verifies the effectiveness of the operator's input codes; Refuse to log in to the system for information that does not conform to the coding rules specified by the company

ice automatically completes the number change and version upgrade management of each level of detail number

NVS (notice verify system) with characteristics

◆ real time tracking and recording the actions of PDM system operators; Operators' changes to product composition information are always reflected in the contents of the notice until the notice is issued and takes effect

◆ verify the modification authority of the operator; Users of the system have strict time limit control over the notification, and can only make effective changes to the unpublished and unapproved notification submitted by the login user. It is strictly prohibited to change the notification information submitted by other users

◆ control exclusive rights to details; Other user notices cannot modify the exclusive unit details

◆ change information recorded in the index

◆ take the notice as the object for process approval inspection

◆ the effective notice is publicized through effective integration with MS Office Outlook email system

Figure 3: Product Data Management PDM system interface convenient and fast product data output function

the PDM system integrates the powerful data report output function of MS report server, which can design, update, publish and use production reports at any time according to actual needs; Various file output formats include acrobat (PDF) files, HTML files with office web components, Excel, web archive files, TIFF files, XML format files, etc., which can be opened or saved in the user's local machine

meet the integration requirements of subsequent ERP systems

the self-developed PDM system centrally manages product design, component composition and structure information, process processing data information of machined parts, and specification and origin information of purchased parts

the system can directly put forward its concept of safety control, which is to provide important product information such as product composition structure required by ERP. The system provides the import function of mass product data information; The system has friendly interface, simple operation, easy to learn and use. For key submission tasks, the system will give information to prompt whether the current transaction is successfully submitted

the PDM system independently designed and developed is based on the actual needs of the company, combined with the powerful new technology of it software and hardware. After six months of development and design process and four months of trial operation, all functional modules have now been running smoothly in the company, fundamentally solving the problems faced by the company in product data management, and can really be accepted by users, greatly improving work efficiency, Design engineers focus their experience and work on design content and improving product performance. The application of PDM system in the company has achieved certain results

based on the smooth operation of the company's PDM system, in order to further realize the integration of enterprise internal information and production process, we are planning to add other PDM function modules, such as the realization of business orders closely related to products and the interface function modules with subsequent ERP systems, so as to provide good basic support for the implementation of enterprise ERP systems

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