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"Performance optimization and intelligent upgrading of industrial robot controller products" project officially launched

"performance optimization and intelligent upgrading of industrial robot controller products" project officially launched

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original title: "performance optimization and intelligent upgrading of industrial robot controller products" project officially launched

July 13, The kick-off meeting of the special project of "performance optimization and intelligent upgrading of industrial robot controller" of the national key research and development plan for deepening reform and development of intelligent robots was held in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Zhichang Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhichang group"), the executive chairman of the China robotics summit, has cooperated with 11 advantageous units in China, including 985 universities and robot manufacturing enterprises, to tackle key problems

the guests attending the meeting included Zhao Jie, leader of the special expert group of the Ministry of science and technology, Professor Wang Jinyou, Professor Li upholstery hammer and other professor Yibin; Relevant leaders of Ningbo and Yuyao; Gan Zhongxue, executive chairman of China robot summit and chairman of Zhichang group, Chi Yonglin, chief scientist of Zhichang group, etc; There are also experts and project participants from 13 units in related fields, including Harbin Institute of technology, General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, Shandong University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Hebei University of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of intelligent robots, Shanghai electric group, Zhejiang Wanfeng science and technology development company, and eston automation

at the meeting, the relevant person in charge made a detailed report on the overall situation of the project and the five 3. If the operating mechanism was found to be ineffective, from the project objectives, research content, implementation plan, schedule, budget estimate, implementation and management mechanism. The overall expert group and the technical expert group put forward a series of reasonable suggestions for the contents of the project report, and discussed and approved the implementation plan of the project and the topic

because the three core components of controller, reducer and motor are controlled by others, China's industrial robot market has been monopolized by "four families" for a long time. Among them, the controller is the core of the core components of industrial robots, which directly determines the performance of robots. Developing a networked intelligent controller with high security, high real-time, high precision, high reliability and high adaptability (five highs) with intelligent control algorithm to meet the intelligent and flexible needs of industrial robots has become the only way for China's industrial robots to break the situation

according to the introduction, the Zhichang team focused on the performance requirements of the controller "fast, accurate, cooperative, intelligent and flexible", and developed a new controller with three closed-loop control, three flow fusion collaboration and three-level distributed intelligence - Ruizhi intelligent robot controller. Through the three closed-loop control of the driver, servo motor and joint reducer power unit, the performance requirements of "fast and accurate" are met; By integrating the process flow, robot motion process flow and detection information flow into the whole loop, the "three flow fusion" can meet the needs of process, motion and man-machine "coordination"; Build robot autonomous behavior intelligence, man-machine collaborative intelligence and swarm intelligence system to realize the "intelligent" demand of control; Study the real-time control framework of multi interface and multi task, provide the environment for secondary development, and meet the "flexibility" needs of industrial robots; Research the intelligent manufacturing technology of mass production quality assurance to meet the requirements of product reliability and stability. These technological innovations will fundamentally solve the performance bottleneck of industrial robots

the new controller will be an open controller platform, supporting real-time multitasking operating systems based on embedded windows and embedded Linux, supporting Ethernet, DeviceNet, CC link fieldbus, supporting access to various external sensor information such as voltage, current, force, position, acceleration, image, sound, and supporting various process software packages such as welding, grinding, loading and unloading, stamping and bending, assembly, packaging and stacking. The research and development results of the project can break through the high-performance controller technology of industrial robots, and make the controller performance improve by leaps and bounds in three dimensions of depth, width and breadth within three years. The product performance exceeds abb and occupies the technological commanding height

the project is led by Zhichang group, which cooperates with 11 advantageous units in China, including 985 universities and robot manufacturing enterprises. The implementation period of the project is 30 months, with an investment of nearly 40million yuan. It is planned to apply for 13 patents and publish 21 scientific and technological papers. At the same time, we should cultivate a group of excellent talents with high academic level and strong innovation ability, so as to provide support for our robot technology enterprises to adhere to the theme of building a business with integrity, keeping a business with quality, and building a business with enterprise

Professor Zhao Jie, leader of the distinguished overall expert group of the Ministry of science and technology, thanked leaders at all levels for their support and congratulated the project team on winning the project. He pointed out that "it is not easy to get the plan, and it is more difficult to hand in the plan". He hoped that everyone could cherish this hard-earned opportunity, formulate the plan pertinently, supervise each other and jointly implement it, complete the project successfully, and strive to lay a good foundation for the robot controller in China

Gan Zhongxue, chairman of Zhichang group, said that he would do a good job in the guarantee of project research, and hoped that all research groups could fully communicate and cooperate, do a good job in policy formulation, technical research, fund implementation, task assessment and other aspects, steadily promote the implementation of the plan, ensure the smooth implementation of the project and successfully complete all tasks

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