Technical data and performance indexes of frequenc

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Technical data and performance indicators of crane frequency conversion and speed regulation equipment

b) rated input voltage: 3 380v-3 660V (main circuit)

c) rated output voltage: the same as the input voltage (main circuit)

d) rated output current: 6A 2 the brake handle must be stuck 395a

e) control motor capacity: 2.2kw-2 200kw

f) control loop voltage: ac220v/ac380v

g) speed regulation frequency range: I participation registration: hz-50hz (60Hz)

performance index:

a) speed regulation range: lifting mechanism 1:: 50; Translation mechanism 1:: 30

b) speed regulation static error rate: 3%

c) speed regulation accuracy: lifting mechanism 0.5- 0.1%; Translation mechanism 3%- 0.03%

d) starting torque: 1.5me/3hz, 2me/1hz

e) overload capacity: 1.5ie one minute