Technical conditions of the hottest port crane 8

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Technical conditions for port cranes (8)

6 signs, packaging, transportation and storage

6.1 signs

each product is equipped with a manufacturer's label at an obvious place, with the following contents:

last year a) rated lifting capacity signs and load curves

b) name of manufacturer

c) product model and name

d) manufacturing number

e) date of manufacture

6.2 packaging

6.2.1 when the finished product is disassembled and transported, clear steel seal marks and numbers should be marked on the joints of disassembled parts and components; Wire joints shall be sealed

6.2.2 the exposed machined surface shall be coated with rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion

6.2.3 the accompanying documents should be placed well against moisture

6.2.4 large parts, components and packing cases must be placed flat to avoid deformation. The weight and center of gravity hanging points shall be marked

6.2.5 dangerous, fragile, moisture-proof and other packaging boxes and parts shall be marked with symbols such as dangerous, fragile, and the placing party shall make a linear check direction of a certain scale range for the tensile testing machine again

6.3 transportation

6.3.1 during transportation, the long and large parts and freely movable parts must be leveled and bound firmly for heavy load to prevent transportation deformation, displacement and collision

6.3.2 the packaging and transportation of products shall comply with jb2759 and the relevant transportation requirements of railway, highway and shipping

6.4 storage

6.4.1 parts and components must be properly kept, and large objects stored in the open air must be leveled to avoid deformation

6.4.2 pay attention to moisture-proof and ventilation when placing parts and components kept in the warehouse

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