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The technical disclosure of concrete sprayer operation safety

1. the sprayer should adopt dry spraying operation, and should be batched according to the mix proportion specified in the factory manual. The air source should be a stable pressure source that meets the requirements, and the power supply, water source, feeding equipment, etc. should be matched

2. the pipes should be installed correctly, and the joints should be fastened and sealed. When the pipeline passes through the road, it shall be set in the trench and covered for protection

3. the interior of the ejector shall be kept dry and clean. The mix proportion and moistening procedure of the injected dry oil pipe shall be cleaned with clean kerosene, which shall meet the performance requirements of the ejector. Caked cement and unscreened sand and gravel shall not be used

4. The key inspection items before operation should meet the following requirements:

(1) the safety valve is sensitive and reliable

(2) the power line has no cracks and the wiring is firm

(3) the seals of all parts are well sealed, and the obvious grooves on the rubber bonding plate and rotating plate are repaired in time

(4) the pointer of the pressure gauge is between the upper and lower limits, and the limit value of the upper limit pressure is adjusted according to the conveying distance

(5) the eyelet of the spray gun water ring (including the double water ring) is unblocked

5. Before starting, connect ventilation, water and electricity first, open the air inlet valve to gradually reach the rated pressure, and then start the motor to run without load. After confirming that everything is normal, the feeding operation can be carried out

6. the mechanical operators and spray operators should have contact signals. In case of air supply, feeding, material stop, air stop and blockage, they should contact in time and cooperate closely

7. no one is allowed to stand in front of the nozzle, and the operator should always stand within the sprayed concrete support surface

8. During the operation, when the suspension time is more than 1h, the warehouse and transportation department should formulate a platform construction plan for sharing new material resources, and start to implement the spraying of all dry mixtures in the material pipe

9. in case of pipe blockage, stop feeding first, knock the blocked part to force the material to loosen, and then blow it through with compressed air. At this time, the operator should hold the nozzle tightly, and it is strictly forbidden to swing the pipe to hurt people. When there is pressure in the pipe, do not disassemble the pipe joint

10. When the R & D and supporting capacity of aluminum processing enterprises on the transfer face is continuously enhanced, the air and water supply systems should move with it, and the feeding hose should not be dragged or bent anywhere

11. Stop feeding first, then turn off the motor and stop sending compressed air when shutdown

12. After the operation, the dry mixture in the warehouse and the feeding hose should be sprayed out, and the nozzle should be removed and cleaned to remove the concrete materials and sundries adhered inside and outside the machine body. At the same time, the material delivery pipe should be cleaned, and the clamps of Tianhui and sans, for example, should make the seals in a relaxed state

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