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Technical error specification of V-cone Flowmeter

the measurement error of V-cone Flowmeter is mainly caused by irregular installation, untimely maintenance or changes in operating parameters of the process system. Today, I will summarize the wrong operation of V-cone Flowmeter

1, first of all, the installation is not standardized

v cone flowmeter on-site installation is not standardized, mainly due to the following reasons: process pipe (2) Rockwell hardness (HR) before and after the lack of straight pipe sections, resulting in fluid instability, affecting the measurement accuracy; There is a problem with the installation direction. Of course, this problem will not happen basically. In addition to the questions of commutation sparks and brush wear, the implementation and utilization of DC off fatigue life testing machine are severely restricted. I hope Jung will get better and better! It is caused by the error of on-site installation; When measuring steam, the cooling of the condensing device is not complete, and the installation height is different

2. The second is the misoperation of the secondary instrument

when the V-cone Flowmeter is used on site, the differential pressure transmitter must be equipped for normal use. Therefore, the performance and installation of the differential pressure transmitter directly affect the overall accuracy of the V-cone Flowmeter. V-cone Flowmeter still has successful operation experience in measuring mixed fluid, but pay attention to the corrosion prevention of differential pressure transmitter and open the blowdown valve regularly

3, finally, the impulse pipe is blocked or leaked

when measuring viscous and crystallizable media, the impulse pipe and stop valve are often blocked due to heat tracing and other reasons, resulting in changes in the differential pressure value input to the differential pressure transmitter, resulting in measurement errors. The way to eliminate the extensometer is to patrol on time, clean the sewage or dredge it with a hand pump

when measuring high-pressure or corrosive media, there is often leakage of impulse pipe or joint, resulting in pressure loss and differential pressure deviation. The solution is to patrol on time and plug the loopholes

through the above description, our on-site maintenance technicians can easily find out the fault of V-cone Flowmeter and reduce the economic losses on site. (end)

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