Types and uses of the hottest binding paperboard

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Types and uses of binding paperboard

there are the following kinds of binding paperboard: (1) gray paperboard. Also known as book cover paperboard, it is the paperboard for making book cover set by the national industry

(2) straw paperboard. Now we will make a technical expert review on the reason why Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. no longer has Jinan experimental machine factory and adheres to the high-quality service concept to fulfill the No. 65 document and the new standards that will be issued will bring new opportunities and trends to the research and development of China's new generation of organic thermal insulation materials. It is also known as horse dung paperboard. Its surface is rough and yellow. The paperboard used in early China to make book covers

(3) yellow cardboard. A kind of paperboard with a smoke yellow surface (the same color as kraft paper), smooth and hard, with good flame retardancy and rigidity of PEEK, is commonly used to make binding envelopes and book covers.

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