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Technical description of filtration and cooling system of silicon wafer multi wire cutting machine

the system is used for filtration and cooling of cutting fluid of silicon wafer multi wire cutting machine. The diameter of filtered impurity particles is generally between 10 ~ 20 microns. Cutting fluid flow shall not be less than 200l/min. The temperature of the cutting fluid after cooling is 20 ℃± 2 ℃. The lift at the water outlet of the system is greater than 10 meters. Solid particles with a minimum filterable diameter of 10 microns. The working time of each shift is calculated as 4 consecutive hours, producing about 3 kg of impurities per hour, with a volume of about 1.5L. The filtration system has no wearing parts and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The volume of the system water tank is greater than 500L, which is divided into reflux cutting fluid area and liquid supply purification storage area, which are subject to heavy anti-corrosion treatment. The stainless steel filter size of the return port shall ensure the maximum flow 22. Limit protection function: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; 00l/min cutting fluid passes smoothly. It should be easy to disassemble and clean. There is a cover plate above the return filter, and there is a return port on the cover plate After the cover plate and filter of the return port are removed in turn, the manual cleaning of the return tank can be carried out. The liquid supply tank should also have such a cover plate to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. A mixing motor is installed on the reflux tank. The mixing motor is not controlled by the general start and stop switches of the cutting fluid system, but by special start and stop buttons. It can operate independently after the cutting fluid lift pump stops 7. The speed range is 0.05 ~ 500mm/min, so as to prevent the deposition of silicon powder in the reflux tank. The reflux tank is equipped with a liquid level gauge. When the liquid level is lower than the warning value, the primary filtration lift pump can be automatically controlled to stop running to prevent the water pump from sucking air. There is an overflow return port on the return tank to receive the cutting fluid flowing back from the overflow pipeline of the cutting equipment due to the change of flow, pressure, etc. in the pipeline. Adopt 1-inch self-locking quick connector. The complete filtration system provided by Yantai Yunfan Filtration System Co., Ltd. adopts a four-stage filtration method. The primary coarse filtration adopts 100 ~ 150 mesh stainless steel filtration, which is used to filter the slightly larger silicon debris generated by the future innovation of new material products in the cutting process. The secondary filtration adopts a backwashing stainless steel drum with a precision of 80 microns, and the tertiary filtration adopts a vortex separator with a filtration precision of microns, The fourth stage adopts double precision filter for precision treatment, and the filtering accuracy is micron. It has automatic monitoring and alarm functions of liquid level, temperature and flow. The industrial built-in oil cooler is used as the cooling device to control the temperature of the cutting fluid in the purified storage area. The refrigerating capacity of the refrigerating machine is 30000 watts. The external power supply voltage is three-phase 380V. The water outlet of the system is equipped with a cutting fluid temperature and flow monitoring device, and a port is reserved for the flow monitor to connect with the cutting machine host control system

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