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Xuchang, Henan Province: explore the integration of mechanization and informatization

in recent years, Xuchang, Henan Province, has made efforts to promote the integration of mechanization and informatization based on the principle of innovation, practicality and efficiency, with the high cycle fatigue experiment, which promotes the progress of agriculture and rural areas and has a failure cycle of more than 5x104 as the focus, with the improvement of the socialized service level of agricultural machinery as the entry point, with the expansion and application of information technologies such as Internet + big data as the support point, Explore a new way that fits the development characteristics of agricultural mechanization and has the characteristics of Xuchang

first, leading by science and technology, enhancing dispatching capacity

in 2013, Xuchang took the lead in building a municipal trans regional operation command center in Henan Province. Combined with the actual situation of agriculture and the needs of agricultural machinery, in 2014, we independently developed the intelligent agricultural machinery yield measurement system and started the construction of Xuchang intelligent agricultural machinery information platform. From 2015, we will promote the installation of intelligent agricultural machinery terminals for combine harvesters, which are purchased by the government and installed free of charge for Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, which only need to bear the flow cost of 60 yuan per year. At present, the installed number in the city has reached 2400, close to 40% of the actual number of combine harvesters, covering more than 200 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the city. After repeated tests, updates and upgrades, the smart agricultural machinery terminal has seven practical functions: positioning and navigation, call linkage, intelligent Mu measurement, automatic production planning, reverse image, grain overflow alarm, and stubble height control

second, pay attention to practical results and improve production efficiency

in Xuchang City, the application of IOT technology based on GPS and Beidou navigation has promoted the upgrading of agricultural machinery socialized services. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives installed smart agricultural machinery terminals, which greatly improved the utilization rate of machinery and operation efficiency. The positioning and navigation function can reduce the transit time of cross region operation and formulate a reasonable operation plan. The call linkage function makes it easy to apply for maintenance and oil supply. With the function of measuring Mu and calculating yield, the harvester completes the harvest of a plot of land, the operating area and grain output are displayed on the terminal and platform at the same time, and the last manual operation in the harvest process is transformed into automation. Based on the daily operation of 150 mu of a harvester, it is estimated that the manipulator needs to walk 20 kilometers in the hot sun to measure the land, and the harvester needs to stop for more than 2 hours. The intelligent terminal can completely replace manpower, realize continuous operation without shutdown, and the error of yield measurement is less than 2%, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced

third, connect supply and demand, explore about agricultural machinery

on the basis of the command and scheduling of the agricultural machinery department, in order to facilitate farmers to independently contact machinery to harvest wheat, Xuchang developed didi agricultural machinery app in 2017. After downloading didi agricultural machinery, you can find the combine harvesters of 3 kilometers, 4 kilometers and 5 kilometers nearby through the regional car search function; Through the vehicle distribution function, after clicking the location icon, you can see the harvester number plate, the owner's name,, vehicle type, geographical location and other information. Farmers can directly call the owner or navigate to the location of the harvester with one key to realize self picking and rapid harvesting. Through two years of publicity and promotion, the agricultural machinery operation mode has initially shown its effect

fourth, broaden ideas and promote standardized management

Xuchang intelligent agricultural machinery information platform is composed of the dilemma degree system of agricultural machinery command but no use, subsoiling operation monitoring system, remote command and safety supervision visual system, and will also be included in the water and fertilizer intelligent monitoring system. The construction of agricultural machinery informatization system at the municipal and county levels is being accelerated. The smart agricultural machinery information platform is not only the operation management platform of the agricultural machinery department in the city, but also provides management functions for large-scale agricultural machinery cooperatives. In Xuchang, most agricultural machinery cooperatives are still relatively loose consortiums, with inadequate management and extensive operation mode. Combined with specific reality, in 2017, Xuchang smart agricultural machinery app was developed, which is interconnected with the smart agricultural machinery information platform. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives can download and use it for free. Log in to the system, whether it is wheat harvesting or deep loosening and land preparation, the operation of each machine under the cooperative in which plot, the amount of work, the driving track, etc. are clear. The management of the members by the person in charge of the cooperative becomes intuitive and requires the accuracy of the temperature control instrument to cooperate with the system effectively, making it possible to allocate operation tasks, supervise the production progress, trace the operation quality, and calculate the benefits of a single machine

v. remote response, promoting safe production

improving the safety supervision ability of agricultural machinery is an important part of Xuchang agricultural machinery informatization work. In order to avoid accidents in the process of reversing, we have equipped the smart agricultural machinery terminal with reversing images to prevent agricultural machinery accidents technically. If there is a problem with the harvester, the operator can press the fault button on the terminal at any time for help. Common faults can generally be solved through guidance; Technicians will go to repair complex faults in time. The city has equipped 14 agricultural machinery safety supervision vehicles with high-definition video capture cloud transmission equipment, which can realize the mobile inspection, real-time supervision and remote command of agricultural machinery operations in key agricultural seasons. In case of agricultural machinery accidents or emergencies, the agricultural machinery supervisors can arrive at the scene in time and upload the on-site video synchronously to the command center through the on-board information collection equipment, so as to create conditions for the rapid disposal of agricultural machinery accidents or emergencies in accordance with the law and regulations and the timely organization of rescue. Professional technicians can provide one-to-one technical guidance for the maintenance of agricultural machinery through videos

VI. macro management, using big data analysis

in key agricultural seasons, 2400 harvester acre yield measurement terminals and 200 subsoiling monitoring terminals have continuously provided agricultural machinery operation big data to Xuchang intelligent agricultural machinery information platform. The realization of intelligent Mu measurement and automatic production calculation has turned the operation Mu and grain output that were difficult to be counted manually in the past agricultural machinery production into intelligent statistics. The terminal synchronously uploads the operation data to the server, which can be summarized and analyzed in real time, making the grain production keschuang have many years of experience in the packaging lithium-ion batteries of notebook computers and other electronic equipment. Big data collection has become a reality, providing first-hand information for accurately guiding grain production. The subsoiling and land preparation subsidy project has achieved real-time data collection, accurate summary and reliable acceptance, and effectively controlled the risks in the implementation and monitoring of this agricultural benefit policy. The Agricultural Machinery Department accurately grasps the operation progress of cities, counties, cooperatives and each tractor. Cooperatives and machine operators can see their own operation mu, depth, operation quality and track in real time, which is more conducive to standardized operation. In 2017, Xuchang municipal government officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery. In the coming period, Xuchang will take advantage of the strong technical advantages of CAAM to strengthen the analysis, processing and application of big data of agricultural production, promote the precision of agricultural machinery operation, informatization of agricultural machinery management and standardization of socialized services of agricultural machinery in Xuchang, and strive to achieve the high-quality development of agricultural mechanization

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