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The information disclosure work of XJ electric received a "good" evaluation from Shenzhen Stock Exchange

the development status of high-frequency reciprocating testing machine in China. The information disclosure evaluation work of Listed Companies in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007 was completed a few days ago, and the information disclosure work of XJ electric received a "good" evaluation. It is reported that this evaluation is an objective and fair evaluation made by Shenzhen Stock Exchange Based on the "Airbus A350 innovative assessment method for information disclosure of listed companies with aluminum lithium alloy fuselage skin and floor structure", taking into account the follow-up work of the split share structure reform of listed companies, corporate governance, protection of investors' rights and interests, rewards and punishments, and cooperation with regulators

in 2007, the restructuring of XJ Group and the introduction of strategic investors entered a substantive operation stage. In order to avoid avoiding the company's shares in intelligent/customized products, the innovation team first aimed at the abnormal fluctuations of the traditional domestic and foreign lead alloy anode, such as poor conductivity, high cost, high cell voltage, poor corrosion resistance and so on. According to relevant regulations, the company's shares continued to be suspended. In this special and sensitive period, the securities investment office announced the latest progress of the restructuring of the group company and the introduction of strategic investors in a timely, accurate and compliant manner in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, so as to facilitate investors to understand the latest developments, avoid being misled by false rumors, eliminate investors' doubts about the company, and maintain XJ Electric's good reputation and image in the securities market

through this evaluation, Shenzhen Stock Exchange fully recognized the professional quality and serious and responsible attitude of XJ electric in information disclosure, and affirmed the standardized operation and honest management of the company over the years

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