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Attention: new trends in the international wine industry

what is the development trend of the international wine industry in the new year? How to better grasp the industry vane? Let's refer to the popular trend of the international wine industry in 2008: home brewed wine

American home brewed wine has become a popular trend and is increasingly attracting attention in the international market. Home brewed brand wines are usually divided into three categories: home brewed brands, store owned brands and monitoring brands

home brewed brands are hard to see in American supermarkets, shopping malls and other non ready to drink markets, but they are widely popular in other countries. Tesco, a British supermarket chain, sells two home brewed brands, value and finest. Store owned brand liquor is different from family type liquor, which is produced and sold by retailers

the monitoring brand is exclusively for a retailer, but the retailer does not own the brand. For example, the famous charlesshaw brand is dedicated to traderjoe's supermarket, but it is owned by Bronco wine company

Nielsen survey shows that at present, private brand goods in the United States account for 16% of the total goods, and private brands are gradually recognized by consumers. One of the self-made brands has entered the top 50 wine sales brands in the United States

organic wine and biodynamic wine

over the past few years, many wineries have been committed to the research and cultivation of organic grapes and biodynamic grapes. Winemakers firmly believe that wine lovers should be able to taste the regional flavor of wine grapes, such as soil, climate, winemaker's style, etc

what is organic wine? First of all, the soil of the vineyard is not allowed to contain any pesticides, fungicides and inorganic fertilizers; Vineyards that have not released the above chemicals for at least three years can be recognized as organic cultivated land

biodynamics refers to that higher annual yield of agriculture without additional self circulation system needs to reach a new level of automation, and it is advocated to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. However, compared with organic farming, biodynamics pays more attention to the impact of some non-material aspects on plant growth. For example, biodynamics believes that picking when the moon passes through a planet is more conducive to grape ripening. The 4.1 linear scan produced is relatively simple: wine is also more flavorful

nowadays, organic and biodynamic wines are becoming more and more popular in European and American countries. In 2006, the sales of agricultural products in Europe and the United States were in trouble. However, bonterra, the largest organic wine producer in the United States, cultivated grapes in both organic and biodynamic ways. The sales of its products in Europe did not decline, and its development in Germany was more rapid

in addition, practice has proved that the alcohol content of organic grape wine is lower than that of conventional wine, which is in line with the current trend of low alcohol wine

animal wine label is popular all over the world

in 2001, Australian yellow tailed kangaroo (yellowta, in order to ensure the power of inquiry IL) entered the U.S. market with a unique and bold name. In a short period of more than four years, it successfully ranked first in imported wine from the United States. Yellow tail has led the trend of animal wine labels in the wine industry, followed by many wine merchants, who have successfully launched wine brands such as little penguin, threeblindmoose, Twinfin, etc. According to the survey of AC Nielsen company, the sales of animal wine label wine reached more than US $600 million in the past three years

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