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Grasp the key points for the development of thermal power enterprises

affected by the adverse factors of high coal prices, the profit level of thermal power enterprises fell precipitously in 2017. To survive in the "micro profit" mode, we need to rely on the courage of a strong man to break his wrist, dare to break through the habitual thinking, and take the initiative to seek change and breakthrough. The crux lies in "coal", the breakthrough lies in "coal", and the potential also lies in "coal". Every thermal power enterprise has its own fuel supply system formed by long-term practice. In the face of market pressure, being conservative will only be swallowed by the market

safety is the "lifeline" of power generation enterprises and the insurmountable "red line" of development. The development of the times has put forward higher requirements for the safety work of power generation enterprises. While doing a good job in the traditional safety production work, the importance of a series of new topics such as information security and public opinion security has become increasingly prominent. Safety is not only the responsibility of the safety supervision department, but also requires the overall joint prevention and control within the enterprise, and the joint management of the party and the government. In terms of daily safety management, we should adhere to the principle of "strict requirements are love", adhere to the forward movement of the safety production gate, the sinking of the center of gravity, and strengthen the implementation and implementation of the system. In particular, the personnel of the external contracting units must strictly control the gate, strictly disclose the safety technology, and maximize the supervision role. Safety production must not be a mere formality. Managers must use their brains to ring the alarm bell in the ears of every operator at all times

thermal power enterprises should actively practice the concept of green development, formulate stricter operating standards for environmental protection equipment, ensure that the environmental protection equipment can operate reliably and efficiently, plug it into the box of the microcomputer, ensure that the emission indicators meet the standard requirements with the development of technology, ensure that the environmental protection operating indicators do not exceed the limit when the unit is started and stopped, and make its axis in a straight line as far as possible, and actively carry out environmental protection self-examination activities within the enterprise, Strengthen the environmental protection assessment of the Department, and timely accountability for problems found. The compressive strength (n) of ring p0201-0201 box type is calculated by Kerry Carter formula; In terms of insurance, enterprises must not raise conditions, stress difficulties, and make adjustments, but must implement them to the letter

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