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A large number of Brazilian turtles in Xuanwu Lake were frozen to death. Experts: they are not adapted to the climate of Nanjing

after the freezing of Xuanwu Lake, some citizens found many dead turtles on the lake. Yesterday, they learned from the Management Office of Xuanwu Lake that these dead turtles are mainly released alien species. In the hot summer and this extremely cold weather, a large number of released turtles have died in Xuanwu Lake

more than 40 crucian carp were also frozen to death.

a friend said yesterday that after the freezing of Xuanwu Lake, a large number of dead turtles appeared on the ice, and many photos were uploaded

in the photo, the turtles, large and small, have their feet on the ground, and their necks and feet have become stiff. "It was probably released by citizens, but they were frozen to death in this cold wave," a friend said

in this regard, seek confirmation from the Xuanwu Lake Management Office. Experts from the park water authority said that these frozen turtles were mainly released alien species, Brazilian turtles. "It is a tropical species and does not adapt to the current extremely cold environment. At the same time, the tortoise may have been frozen to death before finding a suitable place to hibernate due to the late release time." According to the preliminary statistics of the water authority yesterday, there were more than 30 Brazilian turtles frozen to death

it is reported that in addition to Brazilian turtles, the water authority of Xuanwu Lake Management Office also handled more than 40 frozen crucian carp yesterday. Isn't crucian carp very frost resistant? Experts said, "there are no crucian carp in Xuanwu Lake. These crucian carp are released by citizens. They come from Africa and are completely unsuitable for extreme cold temperatures."

"we only found that crucian carp was frozen to death, and there were no other species," experts said. The largest number of snails in Xuanwu Lake was snails, occupying the "dominant" position, followed by Grasscarp, followed by silver carp

why did other fish not freeze to death

in fact, in recent years, with the increase in the number of alien species, Brazil turtles suffocated by suffocation and crucian carp suffocated by hypoxia will also appear in the water of Xuanwu Lake in the hot summer of Nanjing. Experts believe that releasing non-native species in the lake is very dangerous

it is reported that in recent winter and spring, Xuanwu Lake Management Office has released "environmental fish" such as silver carp and silver carp through scientific evaluation. In winter, the difference is relatively large, and the low temperature in the season is very suitable for them to survive. The task of these fish is to "fight" with algae to control the number and growth rate of plankton and cyanobacteria in the water

why does this chip set amplify the signal that these fish will not be frozen? Experts said, "the lake water is frozen, and the fish are underwater. The underwater temperature is warmer, which is suitable for fish to survive. Generally speaking, the deep-water area under the ice can be maintained at about 4 ℃, so the fish can swim around as usual, and will not be frozen to death, but it is not as lively as in summer."

in addition, according to the census, the main species of fish in Xuanwu Lake are: herring, Grasscarp, silver carp, bighead, bream, crucian carp, black fish and so on. The first four species belong to "aborigines". In fact, they can be packed in a bag to adapt to the "extremely cold" and "extremely hot" environment in Nanjing. Unless the water is seriously polluted, they will die in large numbers

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