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Xudiao company actively promotes brand strategy to build a first-class brand -

xudiao company actively promotes brand strategy to build a first-class brand -

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Guide: in 2006, xudiao company carried forward the enterprise spirit of integrity, efficiency, innovation and transcendence, guided by the domestic first-class and internationally renowned enterprise vision, actively promoted brand strategy, committed to brand building, and strengthened the construction of enterprise quality system, Strictly carry out quality management. Firmly establish the next path

in 2006, xudiao company carried forward the enterprise spirit of "integrity, efficiency, innovation and Transcendence", guided by the enterprise vision of "domestic first-class and international famous", actively promoted brand strategy, committed to brand building, strengthened the construction of enterprise quality system, and strictly carried out quality management. Firmly establish the concept of "the next process is the customer", take the satisfaction of the customer as the standard to measure the work, and change the weight consciousness of all employees. We strengthened production process control, standardized supplier management, and strictly enforced the quality accountability system, ensuring the steady improvement of product quality while significantly improving the production scale

quality management work

according to the requirements of enterprise development, on the basis of analyzing and sorting out all aspects of quality problems in 2005, guided by the market and according to the 2006 quality work objectives, the quality objectives and key work of enterprises, departments and workshops have been established, and the "quality assessment management system" has been issued, which makes the quality management work have rules to follow and laws to follow. It combed various quality management processes, analyzed the causes and data of major quality problems in the process, avoided "talking about things as they are", and put an end to the recurrence of similar quality accidents from the source. Carry out "clean assembly" activities in the assembly process to ensure the cleanliness of products. In the production process, the quality control of "self inspection" by the operator, the "mutual inspection" of the next process to the quality of the previous process, and the "spot check" of the quality inspection department are adopted, which improves the quality awareness of all staff on the premise of ensuring the quality. From the perspective of the overall operation of the enterprise, xudiao's product quality is gradually strengthened, its reliability is gradually improved, and its market popularity and reputation are gradually rising. It is rated as an "AAA" credit enterprise

product quality control

in view of some problems that were more concentrated in the market on December 26, 2013, xudiao company specially held a quality analysis meeting and formulated detailed improvement measures and work plans. Since the establishment of the company, the quality improvement of the boom alone has been carried out three times. The newly launched third-generation reinforced boom can adapt to various special working conditions such as high intensity and high temperature, It greatly meets the needs of users. In the process of production and operation, it not only shows the leading position of quality assurance, but also does a good job in service, and quickly and effectively solves the quality problems in the production process. Strengthen internal management 4.2.5 fracture mechanics CT (compact tension) specimen fixture and accessories: the following specimen test requirements should be met: CT (compact tension) specimen size B (thickness) × W (width): 12.5 × 25mm, strictly control, ensure the conformity of the material object, strengthen the incoming and ex factory inspection, strengthen the quality control of new products and key products, and control the unqualified products in the factory

xudiao company committed itself to building a brand project in 2006, achieved good results, established a good corporate image in the market, and won a high reputation. The year 2007 is the key year for the three-year foundation year of XCMG, and it will also be a year for the rapid development of XCMG. In order to continue to deepen the brand, because it is related to the construction of equipment production effectiveness and use effectiveness, so as to meet the development needs of the company under the new situation, recently, the company has introduced a large number of advanced equipment, which is almost blank in order to improve the quality of products; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, providing quality assurance. In the new year, the company will continue to strengthen quality management, gradually improve the quality management system, strictly control the product quality process, take customer satisfaction as the work goal, and strive to improve the corporate image, so that the quality of xudiao products will have a qualitative leap in 2007

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