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Xuanwei paint announced its withdrawal from Hefei market, causing trouble

American Xuanwei paint "quietly withdrew from the market and left many after-sales problems", and he also questioned the personal identity change of Zhu Kai, the current general manager of harmonious decoration. In the end, does Sunway paint quietly withdraw from the market and leave many after-sales problems, as the poster said? How does the owner feel about the real use? For this reason, a newspaper contacted Zhu Kai, the former general agent of Sunway coatings in Hefei

Xuanwei coating was officially founded in the United States in 1866. It has a history of more than 100 years. Now it is one of the world's most famous coating manufacturers for the difference between medium and high-end testing machines, with a turnover of $8billion in 2008 alone. The products are widely used in many markets, including interior and exterior wall projects of residential hotels, electronic equipment, furniture and woodwork, heavy machinery, automobiles and ships

since the end of January last year, with the development trend of lightweight and electric vehicles, Xuanwei paint Qingyang Road home furnishing store officially opened. Less than a year later, it has been difficult for Xuanwei paint to see relevant products in the market that can significantly shorten the curing time at the same time. In this regard, Zhu Kai, who was then the general agent of Xuanwei paint in Hefei, explained that Xuanwei's gradual disappearance had many reasons, "There are few retail channels for Xuanwei paint, which is generally imported from the United States with original packaging, and the environmental protection performance is also the highest level recognized in the world paint industry. Therefore, the high-end positioning of Xuanwei paint leads to relatively expensive prices, which is difficult for ordinary families to afford; the publicity of Xuanwei paint in Hefei market is not very good, and many high-end consumer owners do not understand Xuanwei's environmental protection performance, and are reluctant to accept this brand; in addition, Xuanwei paint Materials have high requirements for construction technology, and many non-standard decoration companies are unwilling to use and recommend this product for the sake of saving manpower and price costs. "

from the engineering manager of Yiding decoration to the general agent of Xuanwei paint in Hefei, and now the general manager of harmonious decoration company. Quoting the words in the forum exposure post: "a change", will there be an interest relationship between this change and the two home decoration supervisors? Zhu Kai said, "my personal development process involves my own privacy, but since the sender is so interested, I am also willing to tell him that this is my personal process of pursuing a broader development future."

"whether in Yiding decoration or Xuanwei coating, including the current harmonious decoration, the requirements for the process are consistent. I am the first to start some of the mainstream processes in Hefei." Now the common "yellow wall green space" is to brush a layer of green ground before construction, and the putty on the wall is also yellow crack resistant putty. He said, "I was the first to introduce this method. Although it increased the cost of decoration companies, the advantages of this process are also very obvious to owners. But now it seems that many decoration companies are still very fast to follow suit."

from the engineering director to the current enterprise boss, in Zhu Kai's view, there is no big difference between the two. The purpose of coming out as a home decoration company is "to implement various processes more thoroughly." He said, "when making Xuanwei paint, we encountered resistance from some decoration companies, and the reason is that the process we advocated is too good to be vigorously promoted, and we call it an industry rule. Now we have such a company that can provide better services for owners with higher process standards, which is also to break these so-called rules!"

it is difficult for us to use one or two goals to clarify whether the function of the product is good or bad. The owner who chose this material in the early stage "retired from the Jianghu" in Hefei market within a year. If the owner encounters problems after sales, who should he find to solve them? Ms. Wang lives in 18 institutions. Hearing the news that Xuanwei paint has basically withdrawn from the Hefei market, Ms. Wang was very surprised: "I called their manager some time ago to help me maintain the wall problem, and I didn't know they were no longer doing it in Hefei.". In the interview, Zhu Kai also said that although Xuanwei paint basically withdrew from the Hefei market, the owners who had previously used Xuanwei paint can still enjoy the due after-sales service. Harmonious decoration company will be the after-sales service base for maintaining Xuanwei paint

Zhu Kai said that the Xuanwei emulsion paint questioned in the post has great defects in use, such as "peeling, peeling and wrinkling". However, Zhu Kai said that this phenomenon is not ruled out, "This is because many decoration companies cannot operate in strict accordance with the proportion of mixing water during the construction process, because the cost is high, and the non-standard decoration companies even cut corners on work and materials, which leads to peeling and powder dropping in the later maintenance. These are not problems of product quality, but caused by the later construction operation. None of the more than 100 households that our own construction team has done for the owner has experienced such a situation."

about the owner's actual use feeling, go to Mr. Wang's home in Jingjing Yayuan. All the walls of Mr. Wang's home are painted with Xuanwei emulsion paint. Mr. Wang said, "the advertisement says that soy sauce can be wiped off. I haven't tried this, but after painting with a marker on the wall, although it's troublesome to wipe, it can be wiped off."

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