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Xuanwu technology was invited to attend the fy17 Microsoft China Partner Conference

on August 25, the fy17 Microsoft Partner Conference (CPC) hosted by Microsoft was held at InterContinental Kunming hotel. Chaixiaobo, vice president of Xuanwu technology and general manager of xuanxun business department, was invited to attend and participate in the in-depth dialogue. At the meeting, as a Microsoft Partner, xuanxun won the fy16 most popular SaaS application award. When referring to the prospects for the industry and the cooperation between the two sides, Xuanwu technology said that SaaS is the trend of the times, but when the wind comes, it should rely on big money. It is hoped that Microsoft can make all Microsoft ISVs become comrades in arms through azure, Build a brilliant future for SaaS industrial ecosystem

according to Chai Xiaobo, Xuanwu technology, which has been established for 16 years, entered the mobile CRM market eight years ago. The initial mode of market selection was vertical industry operation. Among them, xuanxun has a mobile CRM product for the FMCG industry, xuanxun fast sales 100. Controlling the speed of the elevator is an omni channel marketing solution specially created for the FMCG industry. At present, it has accumulated many industry benchmark customers in the FMCG industry, and nearly 500000 salespeople are using xuanxun products every day to help sales

xuanxun express 100 Omni channel marketing value chain

in Chai Xiaobo's view, the reason why xuanxun express 100 has become the mobile CRM brand with the largest number of 10 billion enterprise customers in the FMCG industry is that this product not only provides basic SFA sales process management, but also provides enterprises with DMS distribution products connecting dealers, as well as o2o solutions connecting store terminals and consumers. Through the five application cloud platforms and four stream management of xuanxun fastretailing 100, it can help FMCG enterprises get through the marketing vein, realize internal and external connections, and become a sharp weapon to help enterprises carry out digital transformation in the era of mobile Internet

as a partner of Microsoft, when talking about why we chose Microsoft azure at first, Chai Xiaobo said half jokingly and half seriously that when using other cloud products, we changed three operation and maintenance managers a year, and then chose Microsoft azure in order to reduce the recruitment pressure of HR. The effect is obvious. Now the sales of 500000 yuan a day are 6 It is the strong support of Microsoft azure that people with better stability can use our mobile CRM products well

at this meeting, Xuanwu technology, as an important partner of Microsoft, its mobile CRM brand xuanxun won the fy16 Microsoft's most popular SaaS application award. For this reason, Chai Xiaobo said that SaaS must be a general trend, especially the development of cloud computing providers and the openness of technology, which have accelerated the evolution of this trend. Therefore, when this strong wind comes, Xuanwu technology sees the trend and actively cooperates with Microsoft to attract tycoons. Using the complementary technology and resources of both sides and the excellent data processing potential, the strong will unite, go with the wind, and work together for a more stable and better future

Xuanwu technology won the fy16 Microsoft's most popular SaaS application award

in the on-site dialogue session, Chai Xiaobo explained his understanding of reliable cloud computing partners. He believed that there are two standards: the first is to be safe, the second is to be open, both of which are customer-oriented. Only by letting customers confidently hand over data to manufacturers, manufacturers can have opportunities and market expansion. In addition, mobile CRM manufacturers must also meet the personalized needs of customers. How to meet them? That is, the popular concept of PAAS platform. If enterprises build all PAAS services by themselves, there will be great restrictions on the construction cost and technical scalability. Therefore, it is a necessary condition for both parties to find a big money to build it quickly

in response to the specific help of Microsoft azure to Xuanwu technology in the past two years of cooperation, Chai Xiaobo said: the mobile CRM provided by Xuanwu technology takes the industry as the market entry point, especially in the FMCG industry. The sales management mode is different because of the differences in enterprise size, product categories, and channel modes; At the same time, these FMCG industries are large and medium-sized customers, so in order to meet the personalized needs of customers, we must rely on a very professional partner in 2B business. Microsoft azure should be the industry that applies voltage according to product standards and rules in 2B field. Since 2014, after using Microsoft azure, our products have received 1-to-1 professional services in technology, especially in operation and maintenance, we have achieved many innovations, Help each of our users better use the product. At the same time, we are also cooperating with powerbi, database and other technologies

finally, in response to the prospect of cooperation between the two sides, Chai Xiaobo first suggested that Microsoft speed up the pace of opening up. He cited Microsoft's acquisition of doker as an example. We are still optimistic, which shows that Microsoft's technology strategy is more grounded. At the same time, we also hope that Microsoft can make all Microsoft ISVs become comrades in arms through azure, build a more efficient communication platform, let us learn from each other and develop together, and form a lifelong partner of SaaS industrial ecosystem

as Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, said: in any place in the world, in any industry, every company is undergoing digital transformation. Companies that want to carry out digital transformation need a trusted cloud, as well as a trusted mobile CRM system. This time, Xuanwu technology made its debut at the CPC conference as a more professional mobile CRM cloud platform service in China, which itself has unusual significance

it is reported that at this fy17 Microsoft China partner conference, Microsoft also shared with the participants the innovation and practice of innovating with China and going to digital transformation together, the latest development of Microsoft in market strategy and products, and how to achieve business innovation and business success through cloud transformation

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