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Speech by Xu Dazhe at the opening ceremony of 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

speech at the opening ceremony of 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

Xu Dazhe

(May 15, 2019)

leaders, guests,

ladies and gentlemen, friends:

good morning

First of all, on behalf of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People's government, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, extend a warm welcome to all guests, and express my heartfelt thanks to you for your care and support for the economic and social development of Hunan

Hunan is the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of new China. It is located in the transitional zone between China's eastern coastal areas and the central and western regions, and the junction of the Yangtze River open economic belt and the coastal open economic belt. It has a total area of 211800 square kilometers and a total population of more than 73 million

Hunan has profound cultural advantages. It is the mausoleum of the first Chinese emperors Yan and shun. Huxiang culture, which is characterized by "worrying about the world and daring to be first", has played an important role in modern Chinese history

Hunan has convenient transportation advantages. Beijing Guangzhou and Shanghai Kunming high-speed railways intersect in the territory, and the mileage of high-speed railways and expressways ranks first in the country

Hunan has outstanding industrial innovation advantages, has created a number of world-leading scientific and technological achievements such as supercomputers, super hybrid rice, ultra-high-speed trains, and has 3 trillion industries in equipment manufacturing, agricultural products processing, materials and 11 100 billion industrial industries

construction machinery is an important tool for human beings to change the world. Throughout the history of human beings, these special materials are also used in various utilization and development processes that regard light weight and high strength as the key elements. Behind the birth of every great project, there is the support of construction machinery. Every change in construction machinery technology has a profound impact on the process of human civilization. Ancient world-class projects such as the great wall and Dujiangyan epitomize China's exploration in the field of construction machinery in ancient times; Third, it can meet the relevant national and international norms, such as the gorge project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other modern world-class projects, which marks that China's construction machinery is creating an engineering miracle in human history

with the implementation of China's reform and opening-up strategy, as well as the rapid rise of China's economy and the in-depth promotion of the construction of the "the Belt and Road", Hunan takes the construction machinery industry as one of the three major industrial clusters to be developed in the province, brings it into the important content of the construction of a strong manufacturing province and an innovative Province, formulates and issues a series of policies and measures to support enterprise transformation and upgrading and innovative development, and gathers a number of advantageous manufacturing enterprises, It has become the largest construction machinery industry base in China

at present, the construction machinery industry has become an important force in promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in Hunan. Last year, the main business income accounted for 26% of the national total. Four enterprises were among the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises in 2018, and three enterprises entered the top five construction machinery enterprises in China, effectively promoting the transformation from Hunan manufacturing to Hunan creation

the construction machinery industry has become an important support for Hunan's innovation and opening-up. Six national enterprise technology centers, four engineering technology research centers, one national key laboratory, and 11 academician workstations have been established. The world's longest boom pump truck and China's largest direct diameter slurry balance shield machine have been born, and the first international standards led and participated by China have been compiled; It has successfully restructured international brands such as CIFA in Italy and Putzmeister in Germany, established more than 1400 enterprises in 94 countries and regions around the world, and invested US $10.56 billion overseas

the construction machinery industry has become an important brand for Hunan to participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". It has actively participated in promoting "facility connectivity" by establishing R & D and manufacturing bases, building overseas cooperation parks, and participating in infrastructure construction. Its products have covered more than 160 countries and regions around the world, and have played an important role in international rescue such as the Chilean mine disaster. 85% of the destruction of auto parts is caused by fatigue

ladies and gentlemen, friends,

this exhibition, with the theme of "intelligent new generation construction machinery", will provide an important platform for the global construction machinery industry to deepen exchanges, expand cooperation, and achieve innovative development. p>

Hunan will strive to build a world-class industrial cluster, with industry as the core, market-oriented and capital as the link, integrate industrial resources, carry out mergers and acquisitions, encourage industry leading enterprises to participate in the reform of equity diversification of enterprises in our province, and promote the development of industrial clusters and collectivization. Promote the high-end of heavy construction machinery host products, develop new high-end construction machinery products, support enterprises to explore the international market, build overseas factories and R & D centers, participate in the formulation of international industry standards, build an industrial pattern with Changsha as the main body and Xiangtan, Hengyang and other local characteristics, and strive to achieve a main business income of more than 200 billion yuan by 2020

Hunan will strive to improve the level of industrial intelligent manufacturing, adhere to the close integration of industry, University and research, and the deep integration of informatization and construction machinery, promote key projects such as Zoomlion smart city, build research and development platforms and Innovation Alliances, break through key core technologies, build intelligent factories and workshops, develop a new generation of intelligent construction machinery, and further improve the economy, reliability Service life and intelligence level

Hunan will strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. It will not only cultivate backbone leading enterprises with an output value of more than 10 billion and 100 billion, strive to build multinational companies with strong innovation momentum and international competitiveness, but also develop a number of "little giant" enterprises with supporting industrial chains and prominent comparative advantages in segmented industries, so as to form a good ecosystem that should not exceed the rules and errors, complete downstream industrial supporting facilities, and the dislocation development of large and medium-sized enterprises

Hunan sincerely welcomes the world's leading construction machinery enterprises to invest in Hunan, the enterprises of key components such as engines, transmissions, hydraulic parts, etc. to start businesses in Hunan, and the majority of scientific research institutions and experts to develop in Hunan, jointly overcome core technologies, open up international markets, and jointly build an open and inclusive construction machinery industry development ecosystem. Hunan will conscientiously implement the "foreign investment law", fully implement the national treatment plus negative list management system before foreign investment access, conscientiously implement the national tax reduction and fee reduction measures, vigorously promote the "Internet + government services", "one enterprise one policy" to provide personalized services, strive to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment, share development opportunities with the majority of construction machinery enterprises, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

I wish this exhibition a complete success

I wish all guests a smooth and happy work! Thank you

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