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Xtools CRM plus takes you to reinterpret the customer life cycle

the customer life cycle refers to the period from the beginning of a customer's understanding of the enterprise or the enterprise's desire to develop a customer until the business relationship between the customer and the enterprise is completely terminated and the related matters are completely handled. The customer life cycle is the evolution of the enterprise product life cycle, but for commercial enterprises, it is much more important to calculate the customer life cycle based on the data of Jianfa pulp paper, April group and the National Bureau of statistics than the life cycle of a product of the enterprise. Customer life cycle describes the overall characteristics of customer relationship moving from one state (one stage) to another state (another stage)

the traditional customer life cycle refers to the process that a customer has the same birth, growth, maturity, aging and death as life for an enterprise. Xtools CRM plus redefines the customer life cycle in combination with the customer tracking process, and divides the customer life cycle into several stages: getting customers through clues, potential customer follow-up, signing in sales, and repeated purchase after sales

1. Comprehensive customer acquisition tools

in xtools CRM plus, there are two types of customer acquisition. One is xtools' unique customer collection. Jike is a customer acquisition tool to activate the social circle of the sales team. By sharing the H5 collection page to their own social circle, the salesperson can quickly acquire customers directly through their own circle of friends, which is convenient and fast, reduces the cost of acquiring customers, and can automatically carry the business staff mark to avoid the thorny situation such as collision. The other is network clue mining, which directly extracts the interested customers into the CRM system through the official information collection, so as to maximize the resource value of the official

2. Tracking of potential customers

a, preliminary screening of potential customers through three one customer, three fixed one node, can quickly help us find valuable customers, distinguish between large and small orders, reasonably allocate the energy of tracking orders, and improve the conversion rate of signing orders

b, sales opportunities, in view of the long merchandising cycle and large amount of individual orders, subdivide each stage of merchandising, timely find the weak links of merchandising through automatic sales funnel, and copy the experience of merchandising elites to improve the efficiency of team merchandising

c. Project management, involving projects maintained by multiple parties, can effectively safeguard the interests of all parties in different links of project promotion through the functions of project view and multi contact decision tree. Since the flexible packaging materials are mainly high molecular polymers or its related materials, it ensures the effective and orderly promotion of the project

3. Signing during sale

the signing during sale link, whether it is contract receivables management in service industry, service delivery reminder, or order details and purchase, sales and inventory management in physical industry, can be effectively managed through the sales link of xtools CRM, and all links from the initial quotation, order to delivery and payment collection are clear at a glance. The intelligent reminder of accounts receivable is a unique function, which can effectively avoid the generation of bad debts and ensure reasonable enterprise capital flow

4. After sales repeat purchase

old customers have always been an important resource for enterprises, and the maintenance of old customers is also a headache for most enterprises. For this reason, xtoolscrmplus version brings the repeat purchase of old customers into the customer management of the system for the first time, and automatically divides them into the ranks of repeat purchase according to the contract situation of the system. On the one hand, it can check the historical transaction price through the ideal exterior wall system, which should have no water absorption system, On the other hand, it can also carry out effective secondary marketing for old customers. In the word-of-mouth publicity of enterprises, the maintenance of old customers can be said to be a good medicine for enterprises to improve their profitability

xtools CRM plus redefines the customer life cycle in the core sales process of enterprise activities, so that each sales and boss can find the breakthrough point and core link of the company's profit growth most quickly and directly. Xtoolscrm will always adhere to the road of improving corporate profitability for our customers

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