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Xu Donghua comments on new era enterprise management: Haier maker platform model is very successful

Xu Donghua, President and party secretary of the Machinery Industry Economic Management Institute of the SASAC

Sina Finance News "2018 China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum" was held in Xi'an on September. Xudonghua, President and Secretary of the Party committee of the Machinery Industry Economic Management Institute of SASAC, attended and delivered a speech

the following is the record:

Xu Donghua: Dear entrepreneurs, it's my pleasure to come to this forum. Just now, five entrepreneurs made a speech. Due to time, I'll simply comment on each enterprise. Because these five entrepreneurs come from different directions, such as Haier from the home appliance industry, Tao from the petroleum and chemical industry, and Liu from the enterprise's financial company. I will comment on one industry by one

first of all, let me comment on President Zhang, () we know that Haier Enterprise is a household appliance enterprise. It took the lead in breaking the past management mode and has advanced experience in both management experience and management philosophy. I remember that when it was first listed in the 1990s, it was at a loss, but the method of this enterprise was to use the economic management mode of Toyota. In the links of design and production, every link requires precision. Now it opens a maker's platform to follow the production with the mid-range product development and production. This model is very successful, so Haier is not only the household appliance industry, but also of great reference value to many enterprises

second, I want to talk about chemical fiber, () our country is a big textile country, and we are all world leaders in both cotton, wool, silk and hemp. As we all know, in 1972, Zhou Enlai said that he wanted to add a new high-level industry association official from Taiwan, Japan, India, Italy and Russia to the conference every year in Northern Shaanxi. A new dress or a new pair of pants were attended, Even planting cotton all over the country could not solve the problem at that time. At that time, it was difficult to make a new dress and a new pair of trousers. Later, after the application of chemical fiber, the problem of wearing clothes was solved. Therefore, cotton, wool, silk and hemp, together with chemical fiber, are the main materials for Chinese people to wear clothes. Now, especially chemical fiber produces some new materials, which can make major breakthroughs in many production processes, so its enterprise uses graphene based high-performance thermal interface materials in the optical/electrical field. It does not only rely on the past cotton, wool, silk and hemp, but also applies chemical fiber, especially bamboo fiber, to solve a life cycle of cotton, wool, silk and hemp plants in the past. Second, carbon fiber is the development of materials in the future. I know this enterprise very well, but in this industry, our country is a big textile country, and it is also a big textile industry country

third, I want to talk about song Zong. It involves many categories. At that time, it was in the field of petrochemical industry. Everyone knows that petrochemical industry is China's second largest industry, with an industrial output value of about 17 trillion. The petrochemical industry is very strategic in the world, especially chemical products. I heard from President song that it mainly focuses on oil and petrochemicals, that is, from oil to chemical. In this regard, this enterprise may be different from the large oil enterprises in the world. Small oil, petroleum and chemical industries are still in the stage of introduction and imitation in China. The core industry is the industrial supply chain, and its fine chemicals, especially in supercritical chemicals, come out of its high added value

the fourth is president Liu, () as we all know, in the 1990s, it was mainly to solve the difficulties of some large enterprises. At that time, I remember that it seemed that more than a dozen enterprises were approved. After a period of development, the number of direct financing has reached 270000. Most of the central enterprises are listed, and a large number of enterprises are listed. Private enterprises now encounter some problems, but there is no doubt that many small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to finance and expensive. President Liu has the background of Central enterprises

the financing platform has several advantages. First, it has participating enterprises. I have seen that CSCEC and Guoji, both of which are 288.6 billion in our country, are the leaders in this industry. Second, these enterprises have a lot of credit from banks. I don't need to borrow money from banks. I have money myself. Third, after it supports an industry, I feel its industrial capital flow, which is common in our country. For all the companies in our country, the equipment manufacturing industry involves a lot, and it has great advantages in this regard. Through support, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, including innovative technology enterprises, and the marketization of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, including financing and industrial upgrading, have opened a channel. To a certain extent, for financial institutions, some people say that without good graphene, there will be no improvement in the future of the industry. However, when the industrial and commercial bureau loans, banks must let industrial and commercial enterprises pay financial capital guarantees. Therefore, the birth of this institution is very good for the reform of small and medium-sized enterprises, China's small and medium-sized enterprises, and supporting the reform of private enterprises

time relations, I will conclude here

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