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Xtools crm: sales opportunities help the development of medical device enterprises

in recent years, in order to break the situation that GP s (General Electric, Philips and Siemens) foreign medical device enterprises have dominated the domestic market recently, many departments of the state have released the signal to speed up the localization process of medical devices and move up and down with the rotation of the lead screw. The domestic market policy is extremely beneficial, but medical device enterprises have also blossomed everywhere, Industry competition intensifies. According to statistics, the average Chinese spend less than $7 a year on medical devices, compared with $100 abroad. In terms of the consumption ratio of drugs and equipment, China is only 1/15 of that of developed countries It can be seen that the development prospect of the medical device market is very broad, and the market is far from saturated. At present, modern medicine is accelerating its development towards early detection, accurate quantitative diagnosis, micro non-invasive treatment, personalized diagnosis and treatment, intelligent services, etc., which constantly puts forward new demands for the innovative development of the field of medical devices

from this point of view, for most domestic medical device enterprises, although there are many opportunities, it is very challenging

Jiangsu Zhongkai Fengshi medical device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongkai Fengshi) as a member of the domestic medical device industry, in the face of changes in the direction of medical development, the international market environment, and domestic market policies, timely adjust the company's development strategy. In practice, xtoolscrm customer management software is used to realize personalized customer management, especially xtools CRM sales opportunity management to help salespeople attack key customers, Achieve a high signing rate, and the company's profitability has been significantly improved

from the perspective of industry characteristics, the pre-sales tracking cycle of the medical device industry is long, a few months or even longer, and the signing amount is large. Individual orders have a significant impact on personnel performance. Therefore, every sales opportunity is worthy of detailed merchandising management. Experienced salespeople will determine the sales opportunity in the pre-sales stage, promote the opportunity in stages, and prevent risks in advance according to the prediction and analysis function of the sales funnel, so as to improve the overall conversion rate of the opportunity

Zhongkai Fengshi mainly manages sales opportunities through the following steps:

First: establish a list of customer opportunities

in the opportunity development stage, the salesperson enters the basic information of the customer and records the content after each contact with the customer using keywords, including the customer's requirements for the product, price expectations, customer doubts, the preliminary prediction value of the opportunity, etc. The number of days spent in the stage is an effective stage health index, which is convenient for salespeople to find stagnant opportunities in time

II: promote management by stages

adopt different merchandising strategies according to the stage of the opportunity (support custom settings), step by step, and maximize the opportunity conversion rate. The record of each opportunity promotion node and the task reminder of the next promotion. The opportunity view provides 360 degree holographic data about the opportunity, which is convenient for business personnel to view the data at any time during the opportunity promotion

III: risk prevention function of sales funnel

the sales funnel is automatically generated according to the opportunity list, which can show the distribution of all currently tracked opportunities from a global perspective. It is convenient for our personnel to know the progress of the transformation of current opportunities in real time, find out the possible problems in the phase transformation in time, correct the tracking strategy, and improve the signing conversion rate. The sales prediction function is more convenient for the supervisor to timely understand the future performance of the team, rather than conducting the end sliding friction experiment on the machine and patting his head to predict the completion of sales tasks

the relevant person in charge of Zhongkai Fengshi told us that in recent years, with the encouragement of national policies and the development of domestic medical devices, more and more hospitals, pharmacies, sub distributors, and individual consumers began to accept our products, which can be said to be the blessing of our industry, but it is also unfortunate. With large demand, more manufacturers enter the market, so the competition is more intense. The homogeneity of products is obvious. The focus of marketing is not only on products, but also on services, personnel response speed and other parts of products. With xtools, we definitely have "difficulties" in realizing full automation: 1. The sales opportunity function in CRM, which carries out personalized marketing plans for each customer, effectively improves the competitiveness and realizes the improvement of the overall profitability of the team

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