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Xu Jianfeng: smart pipeline is not a narrow "network pipeline"

If DPI technology is not suitable for large-scale application in smart pipeline, how will smart pipeline be realized? Xu Jianfeng, an industry expert, said that the focus of intelligent pipeline is on application platforms and terminals, not networks

Xu Jianfeng said that the guiding idea of building smart pipelines includes three aspects:

first, the "pipeline" of smart pipelines should be a broad pipeline, developing IP networks into it networks, and building into infrastructure cloud platforms, rather than narrow network pipelines. The main product of intelligent pipeline is prismatic power lithium battery. The horizontal direction should include business platform, network and terminal, and the vertical direction should include transmission, IP and it as well as their respective management and scheduling systems. At present, more than 90% of the applications carried on the IP network are store and forward applications, and the proportion of real-time application traffic is very small, which heavily depends on a large number of storage, computing and other IT resources. In order to realize intelligent pipeline, resources such as network, storage and computing must be reasonably distributed and uniformly scheduled. Just like the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the Three Gorges Reservoir and its supporting monitoring and dispatching system must be built to realize shipping regulation and flood control regulation. In addition, one of the basic theories of interconnection is network layering, which realizes the separation of services and networks. All interconnected applications are realized by the cooperation of terminals and platforms, and transparently cross the IP network. The IP network should be a stupid pipeline that does not participate in applications, so the intelligence of the network is limited and auxiliary. Only by bringing the business platform and terminal into the scope of the pipeline and developing the IP network into the IT network, can the intellectualization of the pipeline be realized

second, the "intelligence" of intelligent pipeline should be realized through the automatic adaptation of application layer to network layer and the cooperation of application platform, network and terminal. The essence of IP network is connectionless and best effort network, which only has the function of simple classification QoS. The change of network load leads to the change of end-to-end transmission capacity. There are two ways to solve the problem: the first scheme is to realize the end-to-end quality assurance of IP network through complex control system; The second scheme is that the application layer automatically adapts to the changes of network capability. From the perspective of the history and technology of Internet development, the application layer industry has carried out a lot of research. It is a better and feasible choice to automatically adapt to the changes of network layer. For example, the transmission effect of mainstream VoIP on the poor public interconnection is also acceptable, which is mainly the comprehensive achievement of speech coding technology and terminal intelligence. IP networks hardly contribute any "intelligence". Similarly, now the adaptive bit rate technology realizes the automatic adaptation of video quality and network quality, obtains good video effect on the existing network, and has become the mainstream of Internet video solutions. The IP network layer only needs to realize classification guarantee according to the simple classification of applications, which will obtain a better user experience. Therefore, the "intelligence" of intelligent pipeline is the close cooperation between application layer and network layer, and the cooperation of application platform, bearing network and terminal

Third, the realization of intelligent pipeline must rely on the common drive of the whole industrial chain. Intelligent pipeline is the two pillars of modern medicine - biotechnology and biomedical engineering. The important basic scope goes beyond the "network pipeline" exclusively owned by operators. The key to the realization of intelligent pipeline is the cooperation between application providers and network providers, as well as the technical and product support of equipment providers, which requires the joint participation and promotion of the entire industrial chain. Bit

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