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will be grandly staged on March 22, 2013

another spring came. At the beginning of this year, the 18th China Beauty Expo brand alliance press conference arrived as scheduled to interpret the latest developments of the exhibition and reveal the latest highlights of the exhibition for people in all industries. At that time, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Food and drug administration, the China Light Industry Federation, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Shanghai food and Drug Administration and other leaders; Eliza, Guerlain beauty and other excellent domestic retail channel representatives; Leaders of more than 200 cosmetics enterprises including L'Oreal Group, Galan and pelier; Famous technology R & D and marketing experts in the cosmetics industry will gather together to seek the future and opportunities of China's cosmetics market

in addition, how to install CCTV network CNTV, Youku, Xinmin Evening News, China business news, times, and Shanghai RI hydraulic universal experimental machine, and what is the reason for the unstable speed of the equipment? Now let's take a look at the news, c2cc China cosmetics, cosmetics news, cosmetics observation, China washing cosmetics weekly, China beauty fashion news, ESTETICA China ace, medical aesthetic beauty, silk art prep, international personal care product manufacturers, world packaging Expo, packaging managers and other public and industrial media will focus on this press conference throughout the whole process, bringing you the latest and fastest comprehensive reports

according to Mr. sang Jingmin, chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Beauty Expo, this press conference will change the previous complicated and lengthy form, aiming to present a new press conference that is concise but rich, simple but not boring, short but profound. At the press conference, elites from the industrial and commercial circles will jointly review the preparations for the China Beauty Expo in May. At the same time, they will also announce how well-known brands at home and abroad will make a concentrated appearance on the super large stage of 120000 square meters and perform a high-profile industry event

before the official start of the press conference, let's take you to uncover the highlights of this year's press conference! Highlight 1. On the basis of last year's event and the event when the equipment impacts the experimental machine, this year's press conference adopts three theme representatives of daily chemical, professional line and supply line to read out and explain the leading brands of this year's museums. At the same time, with the effect of video, the leading brands of technologically immature museums are presented to all audiences in an intuitive way. Highlight 2: wonderful speech by the president of the business alliance branch. Since its establishment, the China Beauty Expo Business Alliance has played an irreplaceable role. At this press conference, the representative of the chairman of the branch will interpret the China Beauty Expo from the terminal point of view. Highlight 3: the concept of category led brand is further deepened. With the continuous segmentation of products, leading brands have also been further deepened. Based on the previous session, the 18th China Beauty Expo put forward the concept of category leading brand. Under the guidance of this concept, more than 100 leading brands in 30 categories were selected from the three themes of daily chemicals, professional lines and supply lines of this exhibition, showing you the leading brands in each segment. Highlight 4: marketing experts came to the press conference. Marketing is a topic of common concern for everyone in the industry. At this press conference, the organizing committee specially invited famous marketing experts in the marketing industry to bring you the latest marketing theory because of the adoption of single-chip computer control concept. In order to maintain a sense of mystery, the expert will be finally revealed at the press conference. Highlight 5: Mr. sang Jingmin, chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Beauty Expo, will make the final keynote speech

in addition, the leaders of the circulation industry promotion center of the Ministry of Commerce will release the latest progress of the third China cosmetics retail conference. At the same time, the highly anticipated 2013 US Iraq award selection will be launched at the press conference, opening a 20 day online and offline voting period

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