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Keep the floor dry and clean and avoid contact with a large amount of water

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1. Keep the floor dry and clean, and avoid contact with a large amount of water. It is not allowed to scrub with caustic water, soapy water and other corrosive liquids to avoid damage to the paint film. It can be wiped with a wrung cotton mop, but not with wet mop, gasoline, inflammables and high-temperature liquid

2. Wax every once in a while, and the interval depends on the smoothness of the floor paint. The method is to wipe the floor with a semi dry cloth and wax it first. Apply it evenly on the floor surface and make it “ Soak ”, After it dries a little, wipe it back and forth on the floor with a soft cloth until it is smooth and transparent

3. If you accidentally pour water or leave water on the ground, you must wipe it with a dry soft cloth in time. After cleaning, do not directly expose yourself to the sun or bake in an electric oven to avoid drying too fast and cracking the floor

4. After paving, the floor should try to reduce the direct sunlight, so as to prevent the paint from drying and aging in advance after too much ultraviolet radiation

5. Do not throw cigarette butts, matches and other kindling materials on the floor to avoid scorching the floor surface; Avoid sharp and sharp objects scratching and heavy objects pressing for a long time

6. If the paved floor does not live for a long time, it is necessary to often open windows for ventilation, and do not cover it with plastic cloth or newspaper. Over time, the paint film will become sticky and lose luster. At the same time, objects with high temperature should not contact the floor directly. If the indoor air humidity is lower than 40%, the temperature should be increased appropriately. If the humidity is greater than 100%, dehumidification measures should be taken

important note:

1. The trapped solid wood floor is a semi-finished product. Please strictly inspect and confirm the construction environmental quality of the floor products before the installation and construction, otherwise the company has the right to refuse to accept the quality problems caused by the construction and installation

2. YuanChina is located in the subtropical region. It has four distinct seasons and distinct dry and wet conditions. It may cause slight expansion, contraction or distortion during use, which is a normal phenomenon





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