Kelaifu elite team special training camp gathered

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At 6:30 a.m. on October 22, our families of Kelaifu gathered in Kelaifu's factory. After 10 minutes, the team finished, got on the bus with excitement and expectation and went straight to Wanfo lake

when I came to the wooden house resort, I saw the beautiful scenery along Shucheng. The bumpy journey didn't make everyone tired, but everyone was extremely excited. After getting off the bus, we welcomed our coach, whose humor and humor drove everyone. In the morning, our training program is high altitude, which challenges our personal program

the first high-altitude challenge is to jump and grab the horizontal bar in the air. After the safety measures are completed and everyone cheers, our master Qiu came on. Everyone held their breath, and the shaking iron column seemed to collapse at any time. So we should not only control the balance, but also overcome the fear of high altitude. With master Qiu's jump in the air, our family members of Kelaifu jumped up happily. This jump drew a perfect arc and gave the following team members more confidence that we could defeat ourselves. Thanks to master Qiu for his successful experience, every family behind him summoned up the courage to fight with high altitude and trembling heart, and defeated himself to complete this seemingly difficult project

the second project is crossing the power grid. Everyone paid a lot and completed the game carefully. When the last teammate crossed over step by step, we sighed that the power of the team is really endless. How important every detail is for everyone. A morning passed quickly, and everyone had a good time. After eating, everyone was looking forward to the project in the afternoon

river crossing project is a game that everyone depends on each other. With the experience in the morning, everyone realized the importance of teamwork, and no longer blamed and complained when encountering problems. Even though there were many difficulties, we always firmly believed that we were not fighting alone

later, 39 players climbed over the high wall, which took 40 minutes to complete. We divided the team into three teams, strong, tall and thin, and female team members. The more powerful male team members made bases underground. There are also two people stepping on it. After the first person successfully ascended through the second floor, the second one followed. After two male players go up, we can transport people through a human wall. Through everyone's efforts, we completed the task in 20 minutes and successfully escaped. The seemingly impossible high wall, we defeated it again, and we all got our diplomas

through this training, I have exercised my body, honed my will, cultivated my sentiment, improved my personality and united the team. We have gained a lot. Here we also thank our team members for their dedication, the coaches for their careful planning and guidance, and our leaders for their meticulous organization. We are all looking forward to the next outdoor development training. In such an enterprise that cares for each other, is united and friendly, and pays attention to the growth of employees, we will be able to fly higher





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