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Family decoration is related to the physical and mental health of the family, and the whole family decoration link should be extra careful. After home decoration, it is best to invite a professional environmental protection company to conduct air quality inspection to purify the air

according to relevant data, indoor air pollution is 5 to 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution, and nearly 70% of diseases are caused by indoor air pollution; Due to the deterioration of indoor environment, the incidence rate of lung cancer in China is increasing at an alarming rate of 26.9% every year; 80% of the incidence rate of leukemia is directly related to indoor air pollution. There are about 2.1 million children with major diseases caused by upper respiratory tract infection caused by home decoration pollution &mdash& mdash; It can be seen that the pollution of home decoration has become an invisible killer, threatening people's health all the time. In fact, the pollution problem caused by the decoration of indoor new houses has attracted widespread attention in recent years through various media publicity, but what should be done to really eliminate the pollution? Many people have different understandings and practices

misunderstanding of family decoration and environmental protection: the new house will be fine after a few more months.

in the interview, old man Huang, who lives in lanbowan, told reporters that his family had moved into the new house for more than a year, and his family was very healthy, and he did not find any diseases caused by pollution of family decoration. He said that when he bought decoration materials, in order to save money, he did not deliberately buy some environmental protection decoration materials, because those decoration materials marked with the word "environmental protection" are often much more expensive than ordinary decoration materials. He said that some of his friends around him didn't carry out pollution control after the family decoration, and now they haven't heard of any disease. Huang Laobo said with a smile that there are a lot of pollution, such as air pollution around the house and river pollution. I haven't heard that people living nearby will get sick. Don't be too spoiled. As long as you keep your new house for a few more months, it will be all right

misunderstanding of environmental protection in home decoration: no pollution without obvious smell

the Xiao Li family in the Eastern District bought a new house last year. He decorated the new house in March this year. During the decoration process, Xiao Li personally went to the building materials market, repeatedly compared various decoration materials, and specially bought back a batch of environmental protection decoration materials. After the family decoration, Xiao Li opened all the windows of the new house for ventilation. After being placed in the new house for more than a month, Xiao Li and his wife moved into the new house with their three month old baby. Xiao Li also learned about the pollution after home decoration before, but he thought that he used expensive environmental protection decoration materials in the process of home decoration. In addition, after the decoration of the new house, he kept it ventilated for a period of time, and now he can't smell the obvious smell when entering the new house. Xiao Li thought that there would be no decoration pollution, and if there was a slight pollution, it would not harm the health of his family, so his family moved into their new house with confidence

misunderstanding of environmental protection in home decoration: single pollution control effect is poor

some people think that the decoration materials used in home decoration are in line with the national environmental protection standards, and there must be no indoor pollution, which is a misunderstanding. In fact, if a large number of the same decoration materials are used in a certain space, the indoor air quality may not meet the requirements due to the cumulative effect. Secondly, some people believe that if they can't smell any smell, there will be no pollution in the indoor environment, but in toxic and harmful gases, such as radon, it is colorless and tasteless, so it is inaccurate to judge whether there is pollution only by smell. Some people put green plants in the new house to eliminate pollution, but green plants absorb and decompose pollutants slowly and take a long time, and the effect of a small amount of green plants is not obvious. As for the use of tea, pineapple and so on, it can not cure the pollution, but use the fragrance to cover up the unpleasant smell. Now some people use air purifiers and activated carbon to eradicate indoor pollution, which cannot solve the problem, especially when activated carbon is used, when its adsorption reaches a certain degree of saturation, it will cause new pollution if it is not replaced in time





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