Decoration in rainy season also has disadvantages,

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With the arrival of the rainy season in summer, the decoration has also entered the off-season. It is said that there are many unsuitable decoration in rainy season, but as long as we make reasonable moves, we can still try our best to deal with it. Moreover, decoration in this season also has some small benefits

from the real experience of the owner, the precautions for solid wood floor pavement are very practical, and friends engaged in decoration must have a look

1. When driving the wooden keel, the nails should avoid the water pipe and wire pipe. Otherwise, the consequences will be serious

2. Accept the fact that there must be color difference in solid wood flooring. This I have observed, my own family or familiar family, as low as 200 to more than 300, all have color differences. My flooring Master explained this more reasonably, because solid wood flooring is made of wood, and it is impossible for every wood to look the same. If you paint it after a little treatment, it will definitely have color difference. However, he has installed inferior floors, on the contrary, there is no color difference, because inferior floors will be made of wood with insect holes and cracks, so they must be painted with a layer of ash (I don't know how to put it in professional terms) to hide these defects, so painting again is the color of the paint, and there is no color difference at all

3. After accepting the fact of color difference, we should pay attention to artificial adjustment. When installing the floor, it's best to have more people at home to help. Very few masters will patiently color you. When installing, put the good-looking ones in the living room, dining room, and almost under the cabinet and bed. You must always pay attention to the movements of the master, otherwise it is easy to put a piece with obvious color difference. My family suffered this loss

4. When nailing nails on the wooden floor, it should be noted that there is no wire pipe under the keel. The floor nails are generally long. Although the master said that they would not pass through, I always feel hung when looking, so I'd better avoid paying attention

5. Don't let the master cut the floor at will!! The edges of the floor are divided into yin and Yang (professional terminology will not say, that is, the concave and convex I mentioned earlier). We should be good at finding suitable wood from the waste wood. Because it always takes a short time to walk to the door beside the wall

6. Pay attention not to nail the water pipe or wiring pipe when walking the foot line. If the cabinet is not made by taxi, you should also pay attention to keeping the size out of the foot line. In addition, when installing the skirting line in my own home, I use nails to drive in. When installing the skirting line in predicate City, I use nails to drive in the nails. I observed that if I shot with a nail, there would be a small hole because of the great impact. It was obvious. Although it was a little troublesome to use a nail, I could not see it basically. Therefore, my personal suggestion is not to use shooting nails




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