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The market warms up, the orders flow back to the foreign trade industry and the packaging industry to open the state of full blood revival. Release date: Source: the epidemic situation in the packaging industry alliance at the beginning of 2020 has brought the relevant industrial chains into a period of suspension. Foreign trade, as an industry with the most frequent import and export trade activities, has been hit first, and the argument that it has been praised as bad has been rising one after another. "90% of foreign trade orders have been cancelled", "overseas businesses are no longer popular" and "foreign trade enterprises have entered the suspension period" have begun to emerge in the foreign trade industry

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs on April 14, the total import and export volume from January to March this year was 943.22 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 8.4%, including a year-on-year decrease of 13.3% in exports and 2.9% in imports. The professional trade magazine focus horizon conducted a questionnaire survey on 203 foreign trade enterprises in China. The results showed that 45.6% of the enterprises said that the epidemic had a great impact on themselves and faced some difficulties. At present, they barely maintain their business

in the worst period of the epidemic, some media reported that many foreign trade manufacturers had to contact customers to postpone the delivery date of orders in the face of the epidemic. However, with the continuous outbreak and evolution of the epidemic, a more serious situation came - customers were forced to cancel orders due to the epidemic. During this period, it is difficult for most foreign trade manufacturers to receive a new order or even maintain their business

the peak turns and foreign trade ushers in a return flow

with the economic recovery, the situation of the foreign trade industry seems to be changing quietly. On October 13, the General Administration of Customs released a set of data, which gave the industry a shot in the arm

according to the data, the import and export of foreign trade is stabilizing quarter by quarter, and the cumulative growth rate turns negative to positive. In the first and second quarters of this year, the growth rate of China's import and export was -6.5% and -0.2% respectively. In the third quarter, there was a strong recovery. The import and export reached RMB 8.88 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%, of which the export reached RMB 5 trillion, an increase of 10.2%

"with the peak season approaching at the end of the year, the international transport capacity is in urgent need across the board, the freight rate has soared, and the cabin explosion and cabinet dumping are frequent." Alex, business director of Shenzhen Gaofeng luggage and leather goods Co., Ltd., revealed that since August, peak season classes have to be booked half a month or one month in advance

"from the data, the international station platform shows that the overseas demand has not weakened, and the digital new foreign trade has entered a period of rapid growth." At the 2020 Alibaba cross border e-commerce conference, Zhang Kuo, general manager of Alibaba international station, expressed this trend to the outside world. He gave a set of data. In the past three years, the average growth rate of Ali international station was 70%. Compared with last year, the growth rate this year exceeded 100%

"service 100, and then gradually accelerate the 10000 TEU (sea transportation). 1hpm has also done a lot of work in the electronic and electrical industry, with an incremental trading commodity of 1000000 tons (air transportation)." Wangtiantian, head of cross-border supply chain of aliguo parts and other international stations, said that this is the double million goal they have set

however, analysts also pointed out that the return of orders is only a short-term behavior. To ensure the long-term position of China's foreign trade in the international market, we should focus on high-end products that are difficult to surpass, and further increase the irreplaceable nature of China's foreign trade industry

since September, China's foreign trade orders have entered an active period again, and the trend of order return is obvious. In addition, domestic enterprises are also making full efforts to stock up for the double 11. In order to ensure the two-way supply of foreign trade and domestic trade, many factories in China have opened up new production lines and expanded their staff several times. They work overtime every day and night. At the same time, as the national annual e-commerce ceremony, the "double 11" will inevitably greatly stimulate the demand for express packaging, and also provide a shot in the arm for the recovery and development of the express paper packaging industry

foreign trade recovery + double 11 helps both foreign trade and paper packaging industries benefit.

with the advent of the fourth quarter, the overseas epidemic has become increasingly stable, the market has gradually recovered order, and processing orders from Europe and the United States have begun to increase. At the same time, the domestic double 11 also kicked off in the hype of major anchors and e-commerce brands. With the double blessing of the restoration of domestic demand in overseas markets and the domestic double 11 Shopping Festival, not only China's foreign trade market has begun to revive, but also the packaging market has entered the peak season

as the upstream paper mills in the packaging market in many parts of the country announced price increases, the paperboard mills successively issued price increase letters, and the market price increase sentiment was imminent. As a highly cyclical industry, the packaging industry has obviously benefited from the current market boom, but this is not a long-term plan for the development of the packaging industry

with the ever-changing market environment, enterprises should not be blindly optimistic about the recovery of the industry. The fundamental strategy for the long-term development of enterprises is to further stabilize the high-quality supply chain and strengthen the upstream and downstream integration and optimization of their own industrial chain

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