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Market pressure accelerates the pace of integration of glass enterprises

the impact of the continued downturn in the real estate industry on the macro-economy can be seen. In view of the pulling effect of real estate on related industries, its upstream and downstream industries have a greater direct impact. According to the data from steel union information, since the second half of 2013, the investment demand in the real estate market has decreased significantly, and the price of construction steel has been falling all the way. The price has dropped from the high point of 5000 yuan/ton to the current 3000 yuan/ton. The price has dropped by 40%. This shows the depression of the construction steel market

the glass industry is also affected by this. "The cold winter of the glass industry has come, and small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling. The real hard days may still be ahead." On October 11, at the "second summit of leading entrepreneurs in China's glass processing industry", zhangbaiheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, expressed his concern

more and more phenomena are proving the same fact: the golden age of real estate is gone. Before 2013, the real estate industry and its related industries were flourishing in many aspects. Today, even after absorbing various stimulus policies, it is still difficult for the real estate market to recover the "prosperity" of that year. The impact on relevant industries is expanding

an internal discussion document provided by Lihui, Deputy Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, shows that the decision-making power of batch orders in the glass deep processing market is in the hands of large curtain wall companies. With the continuous downturn of the real estate market, the construction area of new residential buildings has fallen again and again. In addition, the state has proposed new urbanization construction, which has reduced the phenomenon of large-scale demolition and construction of new cities in the past, The "pains" caused by the above changes are reflected in the impact on the building materials industry (including the glass industry) and the sharp decrease in orders. In addition, the longer payment collection cycle of real estate enterprises also makes it difficult for the general small and medium-sized glass deep processing enterprises to continue their operation

what makes the glass industry worse is overcapacity. According to the guiding opinions of the State Council on resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity, the capacity utilization rate of flat glass is 73.1%. However, in fact, the overcapacity of flat glass is more serious than disclosed. According to the statistics of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, the production capacity of China's flat glass industry in 2013 was 1.25 billion weight boxes, and the actual output was only 780million weight boxes

"the contradiction of excess capacity of flat glass directly affects the operation quality and transformation and upgrading of the industry. It may take more than 5 years to resolve the excess capacity of flat glass." Zhangbaiheng analyzed in his speech that the output of flat glass is expected to reach a peak in 2020, with a scale between 820million and 850million weight boxes. If the current development mode is continued, the overcapacity of flat glass will soon appear in the processing glass industry

on September 24, in order to resolve the overcapacity in the glass industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the access conditions for the flat glass industry (2014 version), proposing that it is strictly prohibited to build new flat glass production capacity by the end of 2017. How much do you know about the operating procedures and performance characteristics of the electronic universal testing machine? project At the same time, it is necessary to support the construction of glass deep processing projects with a processing capacity not less than 50% of the original self-produced glass

"the country has increased the popularization of green buildings, the promotion of new urbanization in China, and the improvement of residents' requirements for housing decoration. 3.3 the formula element for calculating the frequency of the smooth intersection point of acceleration and displacement has a good development prospect for the processing glass industry." Wan Yongning, general manager of Dongguan Yintong Glass Co., Ltd., revealed that compared with the overcapacity of flat glass, the life of glass deep-processing enterprises is better. On the whole, they are relatively less affected by the real estate industry, and their performance is relatively stable with a better understanding of the functional characteristics of these machines. A data presented by Li Hui also shows that since 2012, the annual sales of China's top 30 deep-processing glass enterprises have maintained a small growth

"the glass industry must undergo consolidation and merger, which the government wanted to promote a long time ago." Zhangbaiheng introduced that as early as 2011, the Ministry of industry and information technology had issued the notice on restraining the excessive growth of flat glass production capacity and guiding the healthy development of the industry, which required to vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions and optimize the industrial structure. At that time, due to the large profit margin of the industry, the survival of small and medium-sized glass enterprises was not a problem, so the implementation effect of the policy was not ideal

it is reported that the total production of the top five glass companies in the world accounts for more than 60% of the total global glass production. However, China's glass production is distributed among more than 300 large, medium and small enterprises, so it is difficult to form the advantages of scale and product structure. Industry experts generally predict that with the "cooling" of the real estate market in 2014, the profits of the glass industry have plummeted, and the market pressure is coming. Glass enterprises are expected to usher in a wave of real industry integration

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