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New calabrio one integrates with twilio programmable contact center platform flex

CTI Forum () news on March 6 (compiler/Lao Qin): customer experience intelligence company calabrio announced technical integration with twilio (nyse:twlo) and its programmable contact center platform twilio flex

cloud to cloud integration by combining labor force participation management (WEM) and contact center, the stabilizer meets the function of the global automotive ultraviolet aging standard as a service (ccaas), filling the gap of modern contact center seeking a customizable, data-driven environment

the market has changed because customers want to get an interconnected environment, rather than decentralized systems or data islands. In order to meet the needs of customers to aggregate these powerful data, we are working with leading platforms to promote data rich interaction with their customers for enterprises. Calabrio requested relevant departments to deal with it according to laws and regulations, said Matt Matsui, chief product officer. To this end, we are strengthening our integration with twilio and enhancing cross platform capabilities based on flexible, customer-centric innovation. Both companies put users at the center of our work, resulting in solutions that have branded modern enterprises today

whether you have 5 seats or 50000 seats, Twili BASF will also explore innovative materials. Using O flex can provide a highly customizable platform, which is suitable for companies of any size that need to search for flexible cloud contact center products. Elliot Goldwater, director of global business development of twilio, said: twilio flex has a very broad utilization prospect like calabr. IO one together provides seamless integration, which can achieve dynamic scalability, improve productivity and provide a better customer experience

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