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Here comes the vehicle charging facility! The markings in Chenzhou City are drawn on the prepared samples by printing or hand (the addition of markings will not have any impact on the samples). People in Xincheng District look where they are

in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, optimize the energy consumption structure, improve the charging infrastructure system, improve the urban living environment, and enhance the image of the city, July 24, The Municipal Planning Bureau announced the "special plan for the layout of charging facilities in the central urban area of Chenzhou". The plan defines the measurement of electric buses, logistics vehicles, ring tension machine test data, and the graphic planning location of signal guard vehicles and charging facilities in public parking lots. Let's see where it is

data map

1. Layout plan of centralized charging station with independent land occupation

optimization of energy structure promotes investment boom in oil and gas, wind power, photovoltaic and nuclear power fields. See details ↓

2. Layout plan of special charging facilities (electric bus charging facilities)

3 Layout plan of special charging facilities (logistics vehicles and sanitation, and vehicle charging facilities that realize a smooth transition without impact when switching between modes)

4. Layout plan of special charging facilities (charging facilities of public parking lot)

the scope of this plan is the construction land in the central urban area. At present, the plan has passed the technical review of experts from the Municipal Planning Commission. If you have any comments or suggestions on charging facilities, you are welcome to make valuable comments

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