The latest capping device can prepare instant drin

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The new capping device can be used to prepare instant drinks

wrd company of the United States recently developed a new capping device, which can be fixed with two planes and clamping bolts. Alcoa, which changes the sample, opened a manufacturing plant, Section 1, so that consumers can spray ingredients into containers containing drinking water to make their favorite drinks. This kind of cover is called blast cap, which eliminates the need to use preservatives and other additives to prevent the deterioration of beverages

this kind of cover is like a piston, and the required ingredients can be sprayed into the bottle with a slight press. It is understood that the idea of our formulation party for this case for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators is as follows: it is sold in packages, equipped with a recyclable beverage bottle, and each package can be used 90 times. The company said that as long as it did not start, the service life of the pop-up packaging was infinite

Wrd company said that this kind of pop cap can replace many nutritional supplements sold on the market. In addition, this device can also contain the formulas of many different kinds of beverages. In addition, it will be designed and filled with manufacturers, and will be promoted all over the world

source: Yashi Industrial College

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