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New cat ® (Carter) 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe hybrid hydraulic excavator greatly improves fuel efficiency

new cat ® (Carter) 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe hybrid hydraulic excavator and inaccurate speed control significantly improve fuel efficiency

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recently, Caterpillar (caterpillar) announced that the new cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe hybrid hydraulic excavator was grandly launched on the market. It is the first machine in this category of excavators, which can improve fuel efficiency by up to 25%. For customers who want to have the power and productivity of the standard cat 336d2 machine, and also want to significantly reduce ownership and operating costs, cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe is undoubtedly an ideal choice

cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe uses three basic technologies to achieve excellent performance and fuel efficiency: cat electronic standardized programmable pump (ESP) can smoothly convert between hydraulic hybrid power source, engine and accumulator, so as to save fuel; Cat adaptive control system valve (ACS valve) controls the movement of the machine by intelligently limiting and managing the flow, so as to optimize the performance, which means that operators will have the power and accuracy they need and want; Cat hydraulic hybrid slewing system obtains the slewing braking energy of the upper structure of the excavator and stores it in the accumulator, and then reuses the energy during the slewing acceleration process - this is a simple, reliable and affordable solution that will help significantly reduce your per ton operating cost

208 kW (278 HP) cat C9 ACERT equipped with cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe ™ The engine has automatic control of engine speed, and the pressure of the accumulator must be ensured to be in normal working state, which brings additional fuel savings to cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe. In addition, this function can automatically reduce the engine speed under no-load or light load conditions, further reducing fuel consumption. Another way to reduce the cost of cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe hydraulic excavator is to operate in fuel-efficient mode without affecting the digging force and lifting capacity. An efficient fuel filtration system can prevent the engine from being damaged by inferior fuel, and the electric priming pump eliminates the problem of filter pre filling, thus reducing the risk of fuel pollution. C9 ACERT ™ The engine meets the American EPA tier 2, Euro II and Chinese tier 2 emission standards. It uses proven, durable components and sophisticated manufacturing processes to ensure reliable and efficient operation

efficient hydraulic system

compared with the standard type cat 336d2, the ESP pump used in the 336d2 Xe has a larger displacement, so that this new pump can produce the hydraulic flow and pressure of cat 336d2 at a lower speed. The patented ACS valve can provide precise control and is the core component of the hydraulic system, which optimizes the output performance of the pump

in addition, cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe also uses a hydraulic oil regeneration valve in the boom lowering and stick retraction circuits, which can directly transmit the hydraulic oil discharged from the cylinder to the other side of the cylinder, thus reducing the amount of oil required by the main pump, saving fuel, and reducing system heating. In order to increase operator comfort and reduce the impact load on the machine, end of stroke buffers are used at the rod end of the boom cylinder and at both ends of the stick cylinder

advanced features, live up to expectations

cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe adopts a labor-saving joystick control device in a flexible and adjustable console. The high-resolution LCD monitor can display 42 languages to support today's diversified work team, so that each operator can focus on the work in progress. It can also display images from the rear-view surveillance camera, further improving the safety and productivity of the job site. The carefully designed cab provides many conveniences for the driver's operation, such as pressurizing the cab with filtered air, and all glasses are directly adhered to the cab, so there is no need to use the window frame, so as to expand the field of vision and provide a spacious, quiet and comfortable environment for the operator

the heavy-duty main structure ensures the long-term durability of cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe. The rugged mainframe is designed for the most demanding applications. The X-shaped box section body has excellent anti twisting ability. The crawler roller frame formed by pressing and welded by manipulator provides excellent strength and durability. The crawler roller, carrier roller and idler are sealed and lubricated, which has a long service life and can prolong the working time of the machine on the construction site

cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe provides heavy-duty standard front linkage and is equipped with two standard stick options and two standard stick options for customers to choose from. At the same time, cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe also provides a front linkage for large-scale excavation, and two stick options to meet stringent application requirements. The maximum excavation depth can reach 8210 mm (26'11). A variety of cat buckets and work tools can be selected to increase the versatility of the machine, including connectors, pin grab connectors, E-Series hydraulic hammers, rippers, grab buckets, multi-function processors, hydraulic shears, crushers, and compactors

repair and maintenance save time and money

the design and layout of cat 336d2 xe/d2 l Xe fully consider the needs of maintenance technicians. Most maintenance points can be easily operated from the ground to ensure that the maintenance and repair tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. Remote lubrication points centrally distributed on the boom transmit grease to inaccessible positions on the boom and stick. The engine radiator, hydraulic oil cooler,

air-to-air aftercooler and air conditioning condenser can be easily serviced through the access door at the rear left. The radiator is equipped with a water storage tank and a drain cock, which can be maintained from the ground. The anti sliding plate covers the entire superstructure and storage box, which can prevent maintenance personnel from slipping during maintenance. In addition, countersunk bolts are used to reduce the risk of tripping and further enhance safety

cat connect can intelligently use various technologies and services to improve the efficiency of the operation site. Cat connect provides link, grade, and detect technologies. Product Link ™ And other link technologies can help you connect to your device wirelessly and provide you with important information about the working conditions of the machine or fleet. Through the real-time visionlink interface to track the location, working hours, fuel consumption, idle time and event code of the machine, you can make timely decisions according to the actual situation, so as to improve the efficiency and productivity of the operation site and reduce the operation cost. AccuGrade ™ In order to use the experimental machine to measure the deformation measured by the extensometer and convert it into a large voltage, rade technology can provide 3D bucket tip position and height guidance through the display screen in the cab, and accurately display the operation position and the amount of excavation or filling. AccuGrade ™ It reduces the work of manual slope marking and inspection in the traditional construction in the process of trimming the slope, reduces the labor cost and improves the safety of the operation site. Detect technology includes rear-view camera, which expands the vision of the operator and makes him know the surrounding environment of the working equipment like the palm of his hand. Therefore, they are more confident in their work, which can not only give full play to the efficiency of the machine, but also ensure the safety of personnel and assets

cat 336d2 xe/d2 should be confirmed by the user according to the calibration results and purpose of use. The specification parameters of L Xe hybrid hydraulic excavator

maximum working weight 35600 kg (78500 lbs)

rated net power 208 kW (278 HP)

maximum excavation depth 8210 mm (26 feet 9 inches)

maximum hydraulic pressure 35000 kPa (5076 psi)

maximum hydraulic flow 530 L/min (140 gallons/min)

about caterpillar

over the past 90 years, caterpillar has made unremitting efforts to make sustainable progress possible and actively promoted change on all continents of the world. Caterpillar assists customers in infrastructure construction, energy and natural resource development. In 2014, Caterpillar's total global sales and revenue amounted to US $55.184 billion. It is a global leader in the field of construction machinery, mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and electric drive diesel locomotives. The company mainly operates three business segments: resource industry, construction machinery, energy and transportation, and provides financing and related services through the financial products department

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